We Tried The Zoa Super Berry Energy Drink (Review)

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ZOA Super Berry Energy Drink Review

We tried Zoa Super Berry

Welcome back, warrior.  If you were able to make it through the previous ZOA trial, I have our next one lined up and ready to go.  When it comes to getting your superstrength and focus, until the limitless drug becomes marketed as the limitless drug or if we have a prescription for more focused concoctions, we have energy drinks. 

ZOA Super Berry promises to deliver us the energy that the heroes need on a calorie budget we can all afford and gets us electrolytes for rehydration.  I’m not saying this stuff will make you Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam, or even Deadpool by giving you an edgy sense of humor (let’s be honest, I was born with mine). What it can do is get you out of that initial morning paralysis and executive dysfunction so that you can start marking things off the list, going through the motions, and helping you make the most of the present.

If that’s what you’re interested in and you want this flavor, I’ve got the information and review for you.

What Not To Do

As a warrior or future warrior, it is imperative to know and utilize your strengths but further important to protect and work on your opportunities and weaknesses.  As such, for ZOA Super Berry, if you don’t like berries, this is not going to be the one, almost 100% guaranteed. 

If caffeine almost literally sends you through your ceiling and roof, please, find an alternative here, like a berry water additive.  If your heart and/or anxiety are already working overtime, please don’t rush into this one, I’d rather you get back to calm before encouraging you to smash into that wall at 200mph. 

If none of this applies to you, climb the next rung of that ladder, we’ve got more insight to give you.

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Nutrition Facts

So we know that if we want to be warriors we cannot commit to items that are going to push us beyond caloric limits (unless you’re just out there crushing things like Dwayne Johnson), so what does ZOA Super Berry have in store for us?  If we decide to drink from this cup a 16oz serving has 15 calories, 0 royal fat, 200mg sodium, 3g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugars and 0g added sugars, 0 protein, and daily values of 2% potassium, 25% thiamin, 100% niacin, 25% folate, 25% pantothenic acid, 4% choline, 100% vitamin c, 25% riboflavin, 100% vitamin b6, 100% vitamin b12, and 2% magnesium. 

The “Healthy Warrior Blend” works itself out by giving a few tenets and how they are achieved.

Immunity: 100% daily value vitamin c from Camu Camu, Acerola, and Ascorbic Acid.

Focus: Achieved from Vitamin b6 and b12 plus choline.

Hydration: Comes from Potassium and Magnesium electrolytes. 

Body: Is supported with 250mg of branched-chained amino acids.

Energy:  You’ll be zipping along with 160mg of caffeine, from green tea extract and green coffee, plus vitamins B1 and B2. 

ZOA Super Berry Energy Drink

ZOA Super Berry, Is It Right For You?

So when we grab this can, pop the seal, and hear its carbonated hiss, how will its flavor greet us when swimming over our taste buds? For ZOA Super Berry,  I can tell you this much, the berry flavor is strong in this one.  It reminds me of blueberry cobbler and has no taste derailment from the sweetener.  It starts and finishes the way an energy drink should: true to its flavor not massacred by its sweetener. 

ZOA Super Berry is light and fulfilling, definitely a welcomed change from the drinks I’ve had recently.  If you are a warrior, all things Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a comic book fan, or someone that wants good clean energy, Zoa Super Berry delivers exactly what you need. This is easily a 9/10 and will be revisited. 

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