We Tried Xyience Cherry Lime (Review)

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Xyience Cherry Lime Energy Drink Review

Xyience Cherry Lime

For those that are inclined to get their energy drinks from a company connected to sports, Xyience is a brand that lands a few strikes. Most notably, Xyience is a sponsor of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). When fighters could have sponsors on their shorts, Xyience was huge in letting the public know that they helped push athletes with the largest demands for their talents.

Am I an athlete that needs this drink? Absolutely…not. However, in a consumer economy, I can choose what I consume. Today, I want to see what Xyience is doing with their Xyience Cherry Lime. Hopefully, this doesn’t have the common ‘chalky’ or ‘insanely sour’ attribute that is found in many supplements and athletic energy products.

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Nutrition Facts for Xyience Cherry Lime

If we are taking Xyience’s long-standing relationship with the sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) into consideration, Xyience Cherry Lime should be on the healthier side. The black and white for a 16-ounce can comes out to 20 calories, 0mg total fat, 280mg sodium, 0g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugars, 0g added sugar, 0g protein, and 50mg potassium. The energy blend contains 200% daily value of vitamin B3, 200% of vitamin B6, 200% of vitamin B12, 200% pantothenic acid, and 160mg of the caffeinated good stuff.

Although this isn’t the lowest calorie energy drink that we’ve had, it is still coming in with extremely low caloric impact and dietary demands on the body. With the hard science of the drink considered, let’s find out how they did in the taste lab for Xyience Cherry Lime.

Xyience Cherry Lime Energy Drink

Does Xyience Have The Flavor For Science Or Just The Branding?

Xyience advocates that their blending of L-Theanine and Caffeine will you keep you locked in on your task and with good pace. That is most ideal for me as I am a child of the 90s, diagnosed with ADHD, and tend to find any and everything to do besides what I initially set out to do (thank goodness for video games with lists, can I get an amen or awomen). This is fine and all, but I definitely don’t want to get another energy drink that would have been better if they had given me battery acid.

How is the taste for Xyience Cherry Lime? For it being sugar-free, it is robust and pulls its flavors off in a very sneaky but appreciated manner. Most drinks peel away and land in whatever non-sugar sweetener was used. In Xyience Cherry Lime they are able to hit you with a strong but not overwhelming sour cherry, somewhat reminiscent of Mountain Dew Code Red. It then peels away to its sister flavor of lime. This makes me believe that science is definitely here for flavor as well.

Those things are great and you’ve gotten your money’s worth, but does it make you feel energized? Yes. I’m likely 10 ounces of the way through this drink and my brain FEELS like it is firing on better synapses and thoughts than if it were just cruising with a pot of coffee.

Xyience Cherry Lime earns a very respectable 8.5/10 rating. My only knocks are that it seems to lose some of the punch of the cherry as it gets warmer. I am not above many things in life, however, chugging an energy drink is one of them as I am ascending into my silver years.

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