We Tried Zapp’s VooDoo Heat Chips (Review)

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Zapps VooDoo Heat Chips Review

Zapp’s Voodoo Heat Chips

Maybe you’re like me and some of your traveling experiences become entwined with the tastes of the local cuisine. However, you can’t travel long distances every time you get a craving for a specific culinary style. However, Zapp’s VooDoo Heat appears to give me a ticket I can’t refuse. Surely it’s as good as if I was in New Orleans, right?

If you’ve had an Utz (owners of Zapp’s) pretzel, you know they have quality products of their own. Grabbing their kettle-style chips is definitely not a misstep or misgiving. Will Zapp’s VooDoo Heat be another quality product offering or just an idea that didn’t get enough hands on deck?

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Nutrition Facts For Zapp’s Voodoo Heat

It is not unusual for heat and Louisiana to go together, especially during Mardi Gras. Zapp’s prides itself on flavors and branding that replicate the New Orleans experience. Are Zapp’s Voodoo Heat chips able to be somewhat health-conscious though?

A serving of these Louisiana land levelers is 20 chips. One serving contains 120 calories, 8g total fat, 1g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 240mg sodium, 16g total carbohydrates, 1g dietary fiber, 2g total sugars, 1g added sugars, 2g protein, 0.1mcg vitamin d, 10mg calcium, 0.5 iron, and 330mg potassium.

If you are able to discipline the portion size, you’re able to get a fair snack or add-on to a meal without getting into too much trouble. Can the heat and seasonings of Zapp’s VooDoo Heat give us a reason to add them to our next grocery list?

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Zapps VooDoo Heat Potato Chips

“Give Me The Heat Boys And Free My Soul”

One that decides to eat Zapp’s chips has both an open mind and some pockets with extra change. VooDoo being stamped on the side of these chips sometimes can scare away audiences by a misunderstanding of how voodoo works, or a misgiving that you are giving your faith to something else when you purchase these things. They are chips that have the power you give them, other than taste. That’s where Zapp’s comes in.

Zapp’s VooDoo Heat is a Christmas sequel. Oh wait, we’re not talking about Die Hard. The chips are the spicier sequel to Zapp’s VooDoo kettle chips. With Heat being applied to these chips we should expect some warmth as we eat these chips. Does the heat help or hurt the well-established chips?

The New Orleans Kettle Style has a crunchy crisp that you won’t find with many chips. It is thicker but not so thick you’re chomping wood planks. It also lends itself to allowing what tastes like a significant amount of flavor without it getting caked on your hands and you looking like a ravenous chip fiend.

I would give Zapp’s VooDoo Heat a solid 9/10 as they bring heat to chips that are respectable while balancing it out with a flavor that is desirable on a spectrum of savory and sweet. The chips really do stand on a peak of their own. If you’re wanting to change the flavor of things in your life, I’d suggest stirring the spirits of Voodoo and getting some of these at your earliest convenience.

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