We Tried Xyience Energy Mango Guava (Review)

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Xyience Energy Mango Guava Review

Xyience Energy Mango Guava

The Beatles once wrote about things taking place 8 days a week and in the modern world, that’s all any week feels like. How do we keep running, running, and running, running when all of the 24 hours need some input from us? I am not happy to advocate for caffeine, but I know how much it helps me, so I do it in part for you.

Xyience Energy Mango Guava promises to get us through the existing 7 days we have and give us a hand on the 8th that we create with our stresses and thoughts. My experience with Xyience was that it was a bigger sponsor for MMA and by extension UFC, so if it can help the fighters fight, it can help the writers write, and the tryers try.

Time is of the essence so allow me to get you amped up and ready to fight the day!

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Nutrition Facts For Xyience Energy Mango Guava

One serving is one 16-ounce can and contains 20 calories, 0g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 280mg sodium, 0g carbohydrates, 0g dietary fiber, 0g total sugar, 0g added sugar, 0mg protein, 50mg potassium, 32mg niacin, 10mg pantothenic acid, 3.4mg vitamin B6, 4.8mcg vitamin B12, and 160mg of the much-needed caffeine.

A reason I’m a fan of Xyience is that it ALMOST echoes what caffeinated carbonated water would be. The delivery of the energy blend looks terrific and without sugar, a reasonable sodium account, and delivery within a single can. When it comes to energy drinks there are those with more robust flavors but they definitely will hit you with sugars and things you don’t really want from your energy source. That said, how is the taste for Xyience Energy Mango Guava?

Xyience Energy Mango Guava Drink

They Blinded Me With Xyience!

Never judging a book by its cover is one of the trickiest things you can do in the energy drink world. Massively bright colors, logos with intense characters, and cans the size of large round ammunition, how can you know it’s good?! Well, you can bite the proverbial bullet or you can let me shoulder the burden! I will say that Xyience seems to deliver to powerful effect and is sub $2 per can.

From the first sip, mango comes out of the gates STRONG. It is sweet and intricate then it bridges into guava which makes the flavor bold and complex. The carbonation feels a bit stronger in this but it doesn’t do anything to misdirect or lessen the ferocity of the flavor. It seems to sit heavy on the tongue, which is confusing but it is as light as its calorie count going down.

When it comes to the taste of Xyience Energy Mango Guava, it is fierce and worth finishing. The sweetness of the mango and how it bridges with guava is impressive, especially with no sugar. I’d give this a 9/10 and would absolutely re-visit. I think that if you’re running on empty and have a little more than a dollar, this will have you getting a return on investment unheard of.

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