We Tried Xyience Energy Fruit Punch (Review)

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Xyience Energy Fruit Punch Review

Xyience Energy Fruit Punch

The top of the day asks so much from us, even before we begin pushing our boulder uphill (Greek mythology imagery if that was missed). Some days see us de-icing our cars, others see us leaving earlier to ensure our rain travel is safer, and then there are some where the world is on fire before arriving at our work spot being an inferno. Whatever the day spits at you, wielding enough energy is a weapon we all must embrace.

Xyience Energy Fruit Punch advocates that it will provide us with a substantial and healthy energy source so that we can look at getting more of the world tamed and more work done. It gives us a no-sugar and no-nonsense build that converts food into energy more effectively and THEN caffeine. I’m not too familiar with fruit punch being a morning drink but hey, if you don’t change your methods you can’t expect changed results.

Xyience Energy Fruit Punch seemingly comes priced better as well, it was sub $2.00 for a 16oz can at my local grocer. With an agreeable price, a healthier energy alternative, and a flavor we all know, could it truly be the way to go? I’ll look at the nutrition side and let you know my thoughts on it, so you can determine if you would purchase it.

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Nutrition Facts For Xyience Energy Fruit Punch

For a single 16oz can we get 20 calories, 0g total fat 280mg sodium, 0g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 0g protein, 50mg potassium, 32mg vitamin B3, 3.4mg vitamin B6, 4.8mcg vitamin B12, 10mg pantothenic acid, and 160mg caffeine.

It is formulated with B vitamins to push food energy creation instead of solely relying on caffeine for your engine. 160mg caffeine is on the lower side but ideally, if you have eaten some breakfast, you’ll get enough energy from natural conversion. That is the idea at least, but are the flavor and effect there?

Xyience Energy Fruit Punch Zero Sugar

How Hard Does A Fruit Punch, Anyway?

Naturally, like a good and orderly American, I had my Xyience Energy Fruit Punch without any food, because I’m trying to work “at a deficit”. That’s just fun jargon for fewer calories in than calories burned. I will likely just be a whirr and buzz of anxious caffeinated energy, pretty much a status quo day!

The flavor for Xyience Energy Fruit Punch is almost stale and unremarkable. There is a flavor but it is not at a point that you’d honestly sip it and go “WOW! That’s a flavor!” It is flavored and then potently hit with the sweetener, shortly after the sip. The fortunate side is that it doesn’t do what many energy drinks with this combination do and dry your mouth out.- That’s the only fortunate side.

I feel a slight bump in my energy level as I’m nearing the completion of the drink. I am not shotgunning it nor am I just taking light dropper sips. The formula they outlined seems to stand true to their marketing of it being a “healthier energy drink”, as they don’t dose you with a caffeine bomb. Kudos on sticking to how it was presented.

Those ideas considered I would give this tall drink of punch a lovely 3/10 and as minimalist as their design is, I’d be happy to minimize my interactions with it moving forward. Without flavor, even healthy is boring, dull, and doesn’t stop talking about the gym. I appreciate the effort but there has to be a way to give this flavor a facelift without busting the dam on calories and sugar. If not, that’s where it will sit for me.

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