We Tried The Yoo-Hoo Candy Bar: The Sweet Transmutation From Drink To Food

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Yoo Hoo Candy Bar

Yoo-Hoo Candy Bar

Sometimes one of the best things we get is the serotonin and dopamine hits we get from nostalgia. This can come from movies or books that sing our heart’s songs, video games that remind us of a time that we were absolute units, and food that tends to come and go without much rhyme or reason. One staple hit of nostalgia is the chocolate drink, Yoo-Hoo, but what if it was a candy bar?

Yoo-Hoo Candy Bar keeps the aesthetic of the bright yellow with splashes of red on their wrapper and have employed Palmer candies to help them become a solid. Yoo-Hoo does have a unique flavor, again as it is a chocolate drink and not solely chocolate milk. It’s like drinking liquid chocolate with a little bit of whip cream or an unfrozen frosty, of Wendy’s.

Aesthetic aside, can Yoo-Hoo Candy Bar deliver that flavor, or does changing its state of matter, truly matter? The price point on this was around the $3.00 mark but it nets you a large 4.5 oz chocolate bar that can be broken into squares and savored. All of this considered, I’m ready to take a look at the damage it will do and ideally, enjoy the sweet memories it will help bring back to the surface.

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Nutrition Facts For Yoo-Hoo Candy Bar

A serving size is 1/4 of the bar and if you decide that will satisfy your cravings, you’re looking at 170 calories, 10g total fat, 8g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 25mg sodium, 20g total carb, less than 1g dietary fiber, 18g total sugars, 17g added sugars, 1g protein, 4% daily value (based on a 2,000 calorie/day diet) calcium, 6% daily value iron, and 3% daily value potassium.

For a serving of chocolate that size, you really are getting a deal on the calorie budget. With the sodium being as low as it is too, this candy bar really does show up with all the flash and pizzazz one could hope for. That said, Yoo-Hoo is a drink of my youth, what could this candy bar possibly know about that?

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We Tried Yoo Hoo Candy Bar 2

Who’s Yoo Are You Hooin’?

The Yoo-Hoo Candy bar doesn’t require me to spin a metal cap to get into its chocolatey goodness, however, it also doesn’t present a nice chocolate aroma. No, it’s more concealed for whatever reason. Now that we have this gift unwrapped, how’s it going to taste?

For starters, Yoo-Hoo contacted the right people at Palmer because this tastes as a Yoo-Hoo drink should taste as a candy bar. Again, not milk chocolate, but chocolate with a sweetener that really sets it up. That said, it hits VERY sweet on the first taste, don’t say I didn’t warn you. After multiple bites, this is definitely a winner for value, calories, and taste.

I would give this a 10/10 based on how it performs in those categories and will accept Yoo-Hoo candy bars as gifts and bribes (bribes do require some cash though). Although I’m not sure that most chain grocers carry these, I found this at 5 Below and naturally they are available on Amazon if that’s not an option for you. Look, I’m not saying you should change your whole life around, but if you DON’T get one of these, you will miss out.

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Have You Tried The Yoo-Hoo Candy Bar?

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