We Tried Starry Lemon Lime Soda (Review)

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Starry Lemon Lime

Starry Lemon Lime Review

Starry Lemon Lime is Pepsi Cola’s re-branding of Sierra Mist (or Coca-Cola’s competition to Sprite). It is a caffeine-free, lemon-lime soda that promises to deliver a nice, crisp, and clean un-cola taste. So why re-brand? Pepsi Cola wanted the soda to have a personality, a social media presence, and an influencer-esque power. Because it is re-branded, the soda is now geared to be your perfect accessory to nights out, dining out, or even a night in, taking stock of the latest streaming movie or binge-able show.

Naturally, this can’t be a clone of Sierra Mist, or at least it better not be. Sierra Mist in my experience was what you HAD to settle for when Sprite wasn’t available. No digs at Pepsi Cola, but Sprite was just running the table for so long. Because the list of lemon-lime beverages is still relatively short, I’m okay with saving Starry Lemon Lime a spot at my table.

The green and yellow labeling makes it highly distinguishable. Scanning the soda’s QR code will take you to the website of this socialite soda’s website, which is a reiteration of the soda itself: clean, bright, and fun. That takes care of the soda’s introduction and aesthetic, but how does it walk the red carpet of my taste buds? Let’s find out!

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Nutrition Facts For Starry Lemon Lime

Although caffeine-free, there is a calorie expenditure for taking on Starry Lemon Lime. Although it isn’t caramelized it also does carry a moderate sugar count too. I’m thirsty now though and water just won’t cut it, so what do I get for drinking this?

A 12oz bottle constitutes a serving and dishes out 240 calories, 0g total fat, 55mg sodium, 65g total carb, 65g total sugars, 65g added sugars, and 0g protein.

Though it isn’t the worst you should consider that if you’re adhering to a 2,000 calorie/day intake, this is more than 10% of your intake. Plan accordingly if you are trying to keep on the lower side of it. Otherwise, go HAM on this clear, sugary, carbonated beverage.

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Starry Lemon Lime Soda

Are You Ready To Drink-In The Night Sky?

Now that we’ve made it through the initial pageantry, let’s see how our new carbonated lemon-lime liquid lands. Upon opening and allowing the little one its hissing fit, the smell of lemon is blatantly present. A refreshing move in my opinion, to lead with lemon instead of saturating a soda in lime. 

If you’re of the band of folks that believes Sprite can be spicy, Starry definitely seems to lean that way. The lemon sets up shop initially, finishes with a noticeable amount of lime, and the carbonation scratches at the throat. I would say this might be a favorable blend of 7-up and Sprite.

My thoughts on the soda is that it could be a fine replacement for Sprite in total and a very acceptable substitute for markets that are specifically Pepsi-Cola. I would give this a 7/10 as it wouldn’t hurt to have a pinch more of lime flavoring. Although this isn’t given caffeine and is calorie heavy, the taste is new and enjoyable.

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