We Tried Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple (Review)

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Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple Review

Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple

Mountain Dew is entering into territory where they can make any flavor and the majority of them land successfully. Although it is hard to compete with the original, some of these flavors are very much in close contention and should be recognized for their efforts. We were able to find Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple and we want to see how well Mountain Dew did with this particular flavor.

The can/box/bottle art for Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple itself is a nod to hardcore music. It depicts a tree shredding on the guitar and an apple splashing down on the drums. If you don’t pay close enough attention to its packaging, you can easily mistake it for the Mountain Dew original. In my experience, winter seems to favor the apple flavor. Perhaps this is a subtle way to grab some of the seasonal drink purchases.

I’ll try most things once, especially if they are soft drinks. I figured why not buy a twelve-pack and really commit to this flavor? That said, I do have people I can give these to if the flavor just doesn’t hit correctly so they won’t go to waste. We will just have to see where this all goes.

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Nutrition Facts

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I’m running full-steam ahead with that specific mantra. Apples are healthy and tasty, meaning I should leave the nutrition facts blank, right?

Well, newsflash, it’s still Mountain Dew. Let’s cover the bases, kiddos. For a 12oz can (one serving), you’ll be getting 160 calories, 0g total fat, 50mg sodium, 44g carbohydrates, 43g total sugars, 43g added sugars, 0g protein, and 55mg caffeine.

That’s one spiked apple! Don’t go overboard on the Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple and you’ll be just fine. If you’re American, you can avoid the insurance costs of seeing the doctor. I’m sure this counts as our daily apple.

Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple

The Gravity of Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple

When Isaac Newton was under a tree and an apple hit him, he should have been thankful it wasn’t this can. Any liquid encased in an aluminum body can leave a nice dent on you with enough velocity!

However, once he recovered from his likely concussion, and found out how to open the can (granted he wasn’t afraid of it) he would be pleasantly surprised (and likely killed) by the carbonated beverage within.

I will say that the natural and artificial apple flavors step on your taste buds, but in a good way, if there is one. The flavor is not overwhelming, the carbonation won’t choke us (sorry, Isaac!), and you aren’t left with a negative aftertaste. It is sharp as if it were a Granny Smith apple ripe for enjoying.

At this rate, I’m trying not to sound like a Mountain Dew fanboy. However, Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple really does deliver a taste and punch that almost takes the throne of original Dew. I would easily give this a 9+/10 and am glad I didn’t have to share the rest of my 12-pack with anyone. So long as this doesn’t cause me to grow into having an apple bottom, I’ll keep drinking them.

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