We Tried The New Mountain Dew Pitch Black (Review)

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Mountain Dew Pitch Black Review

Mountain Dew Pitch Black Review

Mountain Dew is a notoriously glowing soda that has been a staple of gamers and late-nighters for a few decades now. The soda has branched away from its “default flavor” several times to include tastes such as cherry, citrus, raspberry, and even fruitcake (yes, Mountain Dew Fruit Quake). In 2019 Mountain Dew pulled Mountain Dew Pitch Black and in 2023 they had enough calls from their community, to bring it back. But what Is Pitch Black?

Is it drinking the void and hoping it gives you what you’ve asked for? Is it the flavor of a stalagmite in the depths of a cave because the sun can’t reach it? Is it what we used to call “Suicide” where you take a part of all the flavors and mix them? No, unfortunately for the first question and fortunately for the others, it is a dark citrus punch. Somehow we’re getting a combination of fruits with orange as its lead and whatever “dark” means.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black has the look I crave but does it have the taste that could sate my thirst for a soda of the night?

Nutrition Facts For Mountain Dew Pitch Black

If you consume a 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew Pitch Black you will get 280 calories, 0g total fat, 95mg sodium, 75g carbohydrates, 75g total sugars, 75g added sugars, 0g protein, and 91mg caffeine.

As it is a soda these numbers aren’t unexpected and if you are trying to go healthy, perhaps the zero sugar model is a better route to go. That said the sodium and caffeine are surprisingly low, but the sugars are right on point with “give me all the sugar water you have”. If perhaps the taste of the zero is just not good enough, a reduced size can would next best bet.

Considering the contents from a nutritional side how does this “Dew” stack up in the land of tastebuds?

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Mountain Dew Pitch Black Rerelease

Does The Sun Shine On The Pitch Black?

When you open this mountain dew and hear the requisite carbonation hiss, you’ll be able to smell a citrusy aroma. The color made me instantly think it would be grape, but I suppose orange and black work better somehow. The bottle itself looks as though it houses a wine-colored beverage but don’t let the aesthetic trick you.

The taste of this is very much the middle of the road. When you can compare it to flavors such as Thrashed Apple, and Major Melon, to older mainstays like Code Red, and Livewire, this just doesn’t come close. I’m sure there’s some demand as this flavor was dropped in 2019 and then brought back, maybe the pallet required is just well beyond mine, but I have reservations. The citrus is extremely light, even if it is sweet, and doesn’t have much staying power.

Naturally, this probably pairs well with an afternoon/evening of gaming but to be frank, the flavors I mentioned in the above paragraph would be superior for the cause. Coupled with the current state of inflation or corporate price points putting the standalone soda above $2.00 you’d be better off with an energy drink with lower calories. I’d give this a 3/10 and I’d be alright with Mountain Dew Pitch Black returning to the darkness so that if it does get re-summoned, it gets the attention to the formula it needs.

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Have You Tried Mountain Dew Pitch Black?

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