We Tried Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams

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Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams

Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams

I’ve been informed that with it being the week’s end, I have to be ready to plug in some heavy gaming time with my friends across the states. Coffee? Not gonna cut it. Caffeine added to water (think crystal lite)? Not a chance. No, I’m going to have to resort to the old faithful injection of 16oz formulated caffeine and energy blend that comes in aluminum.

Today I’ll be looking at Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams to see if it can deliver on a Strawberry Fields Forever or if it’s going to be the rotten strawberry you didn’t see but bit into anyway. The price point with our current state of inflation/whatever you call it, is not appealing as this was above the $2/can mark, with no 2 for $X deal available.

The can for Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry is wrapped in vibrant pink, very appropriate for the requisite and upcoming Valentine’s day, and has a red top because that’s where your lips go dummy. I mean, unless you’re out of your mind and shotgun energy drinks, in which case you likely aren’t the audience I’m writing this for and I am curious how you got here. But will this make sure I love the time I spend with the crew later?

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Nutrition Facts For Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams

We must be calorie and sugar conscious when it comes to the retrieval of our energy. If we aren’t and we are only using the energy for mental tasks we can find ourselves dancing with health issues that don’t go away. That in mind, Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams gives us a 16oz serving that has 10 calories, 0g total fat. 260mg sodium, 0g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 2g erythritol, 0g protein, and their energy blend (based on a 2,000 calorie daily intake) has 250% vitamin b3 or niacin, 240% vitamin b6, 490% vitamin b12, 400% vitamin b5 or pantothenic acid, and 150mg caffeine.

When we consider that the calorie and sugar intake from this is much less than a soda and much less than a creamer and sugar-added coffee, it makes a compelling case. Does it deliver the goods of high energy quickly, without giving us excess to burn? Does it taste like a “strawberry dream” or is this some sort of nasty light syrup and sweetener bait?

I’ll tank those hits and reap the benefits (for now) and give you my thoughts on how it played out.

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Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams Review

Could This Be, Strawberry Dreams Forever?

The can itself looking awesome is a trope that I have to overcome as I am always attracted to brightly colored things when in nature this can mean poison. Do better, Brandon. If you were a child of the 90s though, join me on this field trip. Opening the can is so similar to opening the wrapper on an individual Strawberry n Creme Creme Saver.

The first sip of Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams lets me know, this is true love. Not only does it smell like the Creme Saver, but if that candy was a liquid, it would be this drink. It has the rush of strawberry and settles into the cream and NEVER softens into the sweetener. This is how you do an energy drink flavor the right way.

The only thing I’m sad about is that I didn’t get more of these. I am giving this a 10/10. If you enjoy Monster Energy drinks, strawberries/strawberry flavoring, nostalgic flavors, or objectively good things, get this. I can feel the needed energy getting me ready to take on the day and it didn’t come by way of drinking something that tasted like jet fuel.

Although the name Monster and the color of the can and the taste of the drink itself may be oxymoronic or in polar opposition, this drink has a high-level composition. It is the full picture (especially with its nutrition facts considered) and could easily move into the most popular energy drink space. If you’re ready for a peaceful ride into undeniable energy, Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams is your ride.

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