We Tried Milky Way Fudge Candy Bar (Review)

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Milky Way Fudge Candy Bar Review

Milky Way Fudge Candy Bar

It’s not unusual to have candy named something large and impressive. Examples? 100 Grand, Atomic Warheads, Whoppers, and so on. Milky Way takes on the mantle for being named so cosmically, you have to believe you’re getting something out of this world. So if it’s Milky Way Fudge it must be multiple galaxies of awesome.

I have never seen these out in the wild so an obligatory shout-out to Five Below for having this and so many other oddities. However, is there a negative reason for us not seeing them everywhere? Let’s dive in and have a look.

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Nutrition Facts For Milky Way Fudge

I was able to get the Milky Way Fudge in a 2 pack and the way a serving breaks down is 1 bar has 190 calories, 8g total fat, 4.5g sat fat, 0g trans fat, less than 5mg cholesterol, 65mg sodium, 30g total carbohydrates, less than 1g dietary fiber, 25g total sugars, 23g added sugars, 2g protein, 4% daily value of calcium, 2% daily value of iron, and 2% daily value of potassium.

Honestly having two of anything with fudge is usually an unstoppable reward alarm in my brain, so I was okay with the higher calorie count here. I have never seen this out in the wild so I can’t just let it pass me by. Milky Way Fudge, are you going to be the celestial sensation you promise to be?

Milky Way Fudge Candy Bar

Are You Sure We’re In The Right Galaxy?

Fortunately, we’re not going to need a space suit to find out about this Milky Way. I will be eating both bars to make sure I get a full picture and not just lean one way or the other. Package opened, bars, removed, let us feast.

The replacement of nougat with fudge sounds good in theory. However, in application, the texture becomes stiffer. This will be a more forceful bite. The caramel that is used is great and standard for the Milky Way experience. The fudge is just hitting okay, the taste doesn’t stand out, and if you didn’t tell me it was fudge I would think it was just more of the bar’s chocolate inside. Bar two is an absolute confirmation of my assessment. A wish on a shooting star likely wouldn’t change the outcome for the Milky Way Fudge.

I would give this snack a 3/10. Taking risks is an absolute must but sometimes it cannot pay or it cannot make a remarkable difference. The fudge just isn’t stand-out enough to make this a candy of the cosmos and unless there’s some re-work, there’s no real reason to repeat it.

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Have You Tried Milky Way Fudge?

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