We Tried Lay’s Stax Xtra Flamin’ Hot Chips (Review)

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Lays Stax Xtra Flamin Hot Potato Chips

Lay’s Stax Xtra Flamin’ Hot Chips

When it is wintertime, I’m almost convinced I’m part animal, as I manage to find every possible way to feed myself. During these instances of constant snacking or grazing, it also doesn’t hurt to have something that has some heat or capsaicin. Today’s snack of choice will be Lay’s Stax Xtra Flamin’ Hot Chips, which will help ensure I don’t go through all of the chips in a sitting and give me a little heat.

I’m not very used to Lay’s putting chips within tubes, but if it can be recycled that’s a win for me. Having the “Flamin’ Hot” name slapped onto it is also an appealing front, considering we’ve reviewed some of those products and they’ve had the right heat and flavor as well. However, does Xtra imply that these will only be skull-melting? At a price point of about $2.00 I decided, I’m okay with a little less bone in my head.

Can Lay’s Stax Xtra Flamin’ Hot Chips keep stacking up wins like they do chips in this tube? Let’s take a look at the nutrition information and give it a shot!

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Nutrition Facts For Lay’s Stax Xtra Flamin’ Hot Chips

A serving size of the Lay’s Stax Xtra Flamin’ Hot Chips is about 12 chips and that nets us 140 calories, 8g total fat, 1g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 210mg sodium, 17g total carbohydrates, 1g dietary fiber, less than 1g total sugars, 2g protein, 20mg calcium, 0.3mg iron, and 170mg potassium.

This should be a more manageable snack especially with it bringing some heat. You will want to check other items for sodium as this comes in at almost 10% of the daily value (given a diet based on 2,000 calories/day). Now that we have this information at hand, let’s pop the top and see what Lay’s Stax Xtra Flamin’ Hot Chips has under the hood!

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The Heat Never Bothered Me Anyway

When I open the door to Hell’s vault and peel the seal, I smell nothing. No, I do not have COVID. It isn’t the end of the world but it is a nice way to ensure that I don’t have any preview of heat level, if there is one. Without being able to smell any flavor on these chips, it’s time to take a bite and see how it fares.

The flavor for Lay’s Stax Xtra Flamin’ Hot chips is what we’ve come to know and expect with Flamin’ Hot products. It isn’t necessarily hotter than any of the others but it doesn’t have a nice tang within its flavor. The bit starts off with the heat leading, then the tang, and a small amount of heat staying behind.

All in all, these are great potato chips with a flavor that stays true. That said, I would have enjoyed some more heat given these are “Xtra Flamin’ Hot”. I would definitely give these chips a 6/10 and would revisit them, but because they are run-of-the-mill Flamin’ Hot, I’m not willing to score them any higher. With Pringles having Hot One’s variety and Scorchin’ flavors, this only looks like a substitute should those be unavailable.

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