We Tried Coca-Cola and Rosalia’s Move (Review)

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Coca-Cola And Rosalia Collab Flavor

Coca-Cola and Rosalia’s Move

Coca-Cola is a soft drink of many decades and hasn’t been afraid of trying to change its formula to major praise and searing jeers. I always found it funny that the original Coca-Cola formula changes of decades closer were met with torches and pitchforks, but the walk away from cocaine infusion was not. But hey, what do I know? This isn’t an endorsement of it but an acknowledgment that if something becomes addictive, removing it provokes inflamed responses.

Coca-Cola and Rosalia’s Move is a step that Coca-Cola has taken to make tastes with the collaboration of musical artists. Having tried and loved Marshmello’s version, I feel like surely they have some idea of keeping a successful formula. To those uninitiated (I am one), Rosalia is a Spanish music star praised for being able to bend and merge musical stylings.

Although I’m not familiar with her music, I’m a trier of things new. One day, I won’t be able to and although this is a small experience, it is one nonetheless. Let’s cover the bases of the nutrition facts and then we’ll cover the taste of Coca-Cola and Rosalia’s Move to see if their praise of transformation is more than just words.

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Nutrition Facts For Coca-Cola and Rosalia’s Move

If we consider moving forward with a nice bottle of this beverage, we get 240 calories, 0g total fat, 50mg sodium, 65mg total carbs, 65g total sugars, and 65g added sugars.

YIKES. This is a sugar-quick sand trap. I will have to consider either the Coca-Cola Zero alternative going forward depending on the flavoring or as a very rare drink. Perhaps their calling it “Move” is because the sugar will irritate your body into a state of doing just that, for hours on end.

In any event, make sure you are paying attention to these inputs because you should not be drinking this soda often or frequently.

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Coca-Cola Move Review

Am I Moving Or Am I Just Sipping Still?

When we open Coca Cola we are often greeted with the very aromatic caramel and dark fragrance it has. This one however introduces even more elements to the arrangement that are a bit harder to hammer down. In my opinion, it is some form of coconut and fruit, some say is pineapple. For those that enjoy mixed adult beverages, this seems like a natural addition to the mix station.

I find that the bigger thing that happens with Coca-Cola and Rosalia’s Move is that the coconut, somehow, overtakes and transforms the taste of the possible pineapple. I feel like the coconut is definitely artificial flavoring and almost lends itself towards the Peeps marketplace that their rival Pepsi Cola did earlier this year.

For me, the calorie unload and the flavor isn’t impressive enough to land a repeat for me, especially within Coca-Cola’s realm of Zero. Because of that, I would rate this a 5/10 which is disappointing for a collaboration. I feel that the move towards a tropical, summertime and sun-kissed taste is a good move, it just doesn’t land here. I feel that had the flavor been cut to Coca-Cola and coconut but more of a Mound’s variety, we would have had a breakaway touchdown with Coca-Cola and Rosalia’s Move.

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