We Tried Venom Energy Zero Sugar Watermelon Lime (Review)

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Venom Energy Watermelon Lime Review

Venom Energy Zero Sugar Watermelon Lime

A scene you might be very familiar with is one I faced recently: The grocery run. You’re there, getting everything you need for the next few days, weeks, or however long. Your energy is gone. Whether that’s in part from sleep deprivation, social interaction overload, or because this is just another energy hog you can’t avoid. Fortunately, I saw Venom Energy Zero Sugar Watermelon Lime at check-out for an agreeable $1.28. That’s energy drinkage I need at a price I can’t skip.

Although I only saw this flavor, Venom Energy boasts about having eight flavors, three of which have the zero-sugar mixture. I usually will only find these if I am at Walmart however, I’m not entirely convinced that they are ONLY sold there.

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Nutrition Facts

If the snake of the day bites you and leaves you lethargic, naturally the only way to overcome is by drinking the anti-venom. We’ll ignore the naming convention issue there and just say, drinking the venom gets you to the focus state you’re aiming for.

That said, what does it cost your body? I’m glad you asked and not me, a 16oz can of Venom Energy Zero Sugar Watermelon Lime has 10 calories, 0g total fat, 270mg sodium, 0g carbohydrates, 0g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 0g protein, 1.3mg riboflavin. The energy blend contains 16mg niacin, 1.7mg vitamin B6, 2.4mcg vitamin B12, and 160mg caffeine.

Venom Energy loads you up with the energy goodness, a sizable hit on the sodium, and leaves the other things off the plate. For what Venom Energy Zero Sugar Watermelon Lime DOES, the trade-off is acceptable.

Venom Energy Watermelon Lime

Venom Watermelon Lime: Energy With Bite

That is the proclamation of the energy drink. A 16oz tall can with a snake eye that stares at you, challenging you to bite back. Can it deliver on this? When I was drinking this I was almost reminded of Pop Rocks within a liquid, which I think was great.

The flavor for this really did land correctly for balancing sweet watermelon with a splash of lime. It’s not quite Sprite with a watermelon soda, but it is close to that landing point. The flavor stays light but bold for the entire drink and gives you the pep when you need it.

Venom Energy Zero Sugar Watermelon Lime is with all things considered a good energy drink made far better by the minimal financial input. Would I make it a daily thing? If all 8 flavors were available to me in sugar-free, it would look like a great way to do it. I’m giving it a solid 8/10 and I feel like it could easily be repeated in the near future.

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