Cheetos Sweet Carolina Reaper Cheese Puffs (Review)

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Cheetos Sweet Carolina Reaper

Cheetos Sweet Carolina Reaper Cheese Puffs

When it comes to potato chips, I tend to like the weird flavors. I love Utz Grillin’ cheeseburger, dill pickle Pringles, in the sweet Thai chili Doritos.

However, when it comes to Cheetos, I tend to stick with the original crunchy flavor. I’ve tried a lot of different flavors of Cheetos over the years, but none of them really seem to be the OG.

Today, I tried the sweet Carolina reaper Cheetos. Here are my thoughts. If you have tried this flavor of Cheetos, let me know on social media.

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Cheetos Sweet Carolina Reaper Review

Last week, I was at Walmart with my son. Whenever we go to the store, I always let him pick out a can of Pringles. On the way to the Pringles, I happen to notice the sweet Carolina reaper Cheetos. Since I love trying new spicy foods, I decided to pick these up and get them a go.

To be honest, the taste was pretty good. Like I said before, I don’t usually like any of the additional flavors that Cheetos has to offer. Since these were ‘Sweet’ Carolina Reaper flavored, I was expecting them to be very sugary, but I found the taste to be well-balanced.

However, I did not find these to be that spicy. When it comes to mainstream processed snacks, like Cheetos, many companies want the label of using hot peppers without having to make them very spicy. It is understandable, most companies don’t want to painfully alienate their customers. People can say they ate Carolina Reaper without blowing out their taste buds. In my opinion, this is why you can only find really hot snacks in specialty stores.

Overall, the Sweet Carolina Reaper Cheetos is a decent snack. It isn’t as hot as it seems to advertise, but I don’t blame them for that. If you are looking for a spicy treat that won’t leave you in a lot of pain, grab a bag of these cheese puffs.

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We hope you enjoyed our review of the Sweet Carolina reaper Cheetos. Have you tried this flavor of Cheetos? Let us know on social media!

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