We Tried Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Kiwi (Review)

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Rockstar Zero Watermelon Kiwi Review

Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Kiwi

Hey rockstars, it’s that time again. Whether your light of beckoning is the sun or the moon, it’s time to get moving and coffee just won’t cut it. When you reach for your daily requisite caffeine Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Kiwi wants to be the tool to help you with your day.

A nice fruity beverage is a welcome addition to the repertoire but is it going to have the right amounts of that watermelon and kiwi, and help me smash the day? What we do know about Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Kiwi is that it is going to deliver caffeine without added sugar. It also gets us B vitamins so we can convert what we do have, into more sustainable energy.

If you are considering getting a flavor that takes you back to summer tastes, I’m here to tell you whether it’s worth that flashback. Let’s find out if Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Kiwi can really give us that rockstar feel.

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Nutrition Facts For Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Kiwi

We’re fortunate that we’re getting 16 fl oz of the stuff to get us revved up. What does that 16 oz cost us though? Well, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, there is 0% juice in the drink, but what else?

A 16 oz serving is 20 calories, 0g total fat, 250mg sodium, 3g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 2g erythritol, 0g protein, 16mg niacin, 1.7mg vitamin B6, 2.4mcg vitamin B12, 5mg pantothenic acid, and 240mg of the caffeine supreme.

I still stand by not drinking this if you are pregnant or nursing and being aware of caffeine sensitivities. With that dust settled, do we truly get a robust flavor and energy package from this drink?

Rockstar Zero Watermelon Kiwi

Does It Give Watermelon Sugar High?

When I open the can, I’m getting the smell of what I imagine burning fruit to have. We’re not starting strong at all, but I will push past first impressions. The can seems to be a hopeful bit of energy with its popping abundant pink everywhere it can be placed. It’s Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Kiwi and the Rockstar name will deliver on flavor, right?

I’m going to be blunt about this, if you didn’t have the flavors listed on the side I would have just assumed this was some fruit cocktail energy drink. The tastes are discernable and not in an agreeable way. I’ve muscled through a lot of this drink in the hopes it would “get better” (you know, that toxic coping mechanism you get with a doomed relationship) and naturally, it didn’t.

Imagine, you think that cough syrup/suppressant is the taste your energy drink needs to have, and that’s what it is like to drink Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Kiwi without either the quick sleep or the crazy hallucinations. If you believe “Watermelon sugar high” to be a disappointment and a foul taste in your mouth, it does deliver.

I wouldn’t give this drink a second chance if it wanted to make itself available for free. The formula just seems like an overwhelming cocktail of nonsense syrup and even though I’m energized, I’m not pleased with how that came to be. I would enthusiastically give Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Kiwi a 1/10.

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