We Tried Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch (Review)

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Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch Review

Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch

Rockstar has been churning out energy drinks in some capacity since 2001 and they’ve gotten healthier with age. Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch is no exception as it is a flavor from a younger time but with zero sugar and low calories. Is this a Rockstar looking to continue giving great flavors and experiences, or is it coasting off its achievements from nearly a decade ago?

One thing is for sure, Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch is much less violent, even with a punch in its name. It is less adult material explicit, it does have an energy blend and caffeine but it doesn’t go completely loco by adding alcohol to that mixture. This is definitely a company separate from its gaming namesake but it still has the potential to be a drink steeped in replay value.

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Nutrition Facts for Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch

Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch is a tall order promising a very tried and true flavor but making it healthy. Thinking of the flavor alone reminds me of my youth when I was naturally energy-producing and bouncing off the walls. Even if this doesn’t give me that level of energy, at 20 calories, if it causes me to be able to move a half-step faster, it’s winning.

A 16-ounce can is the serving size with 20 calories, 0g total fat, 380mg sodium, 2g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 2g erythritol, 0g protein, 16mg niacin, 1.7mg vitamin B6, 2.4mcg vitamin B12, 5mg pantothenic acid, and 240mg caffeine.

Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch should be primed to keep us from overdoing a calorie count or becoming sodium saturated. With a fruit punch title always on the line, can this 16-ounce heavyweight usher in a victory?

Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch

“It’s About How Hard You Can Get Fruit Punched And Keep Going” Rocky Feijoa, Likely.

If you liked that headline, you’re my people, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. As it stands any drink I review will go its rounds and will be determined as a win or a loss, we do not accept draws here (nor should professional sports). If Rocky had-had energy drinks during his theatrical boxing career, it is likely he would have had 0 losses and Apollo Creed would have (spoiler alert) LIVED.

A few sips in and it is noticeable, it’s going to be a great drink. The carbonation is not overwhelming, there is no sweetener override in the taste, and although it isn’t Hawaiian Punch, it’s Hawaiian Punch. The fruits that cause the punches stay robust and delicious as you allow them to cascade into your mouth and body. That energy you are getting will be like Coach Mickey giving you that last-round pep talk you need, to knock your foes out of the match.

This energy drink did a post-victory dance on my desk and wasted no time making its next call-out: To be the best fruit punch flavor in the world. As a ringside judge, I would give it an 8/10 rating. It was worth every penny. I would definitely revisit this regardless of season as fruit punch is a year-round flavor. If you’re thinking about running the infamous steps of Philadelphia but don’t have the energy, drink one of these and you’ll at least feel like you could.

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