We Tried Four Flavors Of Riot Energy Drinks (Review)

Start Your Day Off With A Riot

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Riot Energy Drink Flavors Reviewed

About Riot Energy Drinks

Every day there is a list of things to do. The tasks the world puts in the way. What happens during the day may allow us to scratch just a paltry few off that list. This is where energy drinks come into play.

Energy drinks are a great way to keep us marching to the beat of the war drum and attacking those tasks. That said, how many of them have ingredients that are more suited for combustion engines on automobiles than in our bodies?  I’m not a doctor, nor a scientist, but I think we can all agree that trying to keep it as naturally produced as possible is the best route to go.

Riot Energy is an energy drink campaign launched to provide 100% plant-powered energy for humans on the move. This drink from Venica, California is vegan and kosher-friendly. I was able to get my hands on four flavors of Riot Energy. Today, I wanted to give you my thoughts on both their flavors and nutrition.

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Riot Energy Drink Reviews

Riot Energy Drink Mango Review

1. Mango Riot

This can looks a little less threatening than the others. It is dressed in black with orange highlights and sprinkles of white. However, it still signals a warning of your impending energy boost.

The 16-ounce drink is considered two servings. It is made up of 20% juice and has twenty-five calories per serving. Mango Riot Energy contains 12g of carbs, 1g of dietary fiber, 4g of total sugars, and 1g of protein, As for the energy blend, Mango Riot has 2% of your daily potassium,  100% of your daily vitamin B12, 160mg of caffeine, 100mg of L-Theanine, and adaptogens.

Personally, I enjoy mango-flavored drinks because they are typically not too sweet and pair well with other flavors. In the case of Mango Riot, because it is an energy tea drink, the blend allows the mango flavor to start slightly bitter, carry over into the sweeter side, and polish off handsomely.

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Riot Energy Drink Citrus Review

2. Citrus-Lime Riot

Aesthetically, we’re finally getting the green light and it’s time to leadfoot the figurative gas pedal on the day. The Citrus-Lime Riot can is another all-black wrapped can with green accessories and dashes of white here and there.

When we throw this gas pedal through the floor we’re getting another drink that has two 2 servings. Citrus Lime Riot has 25% juice, 40 calories, 20mg of sodium, 13g of carbs, 1g of dietary fiber, 8g of sugar, 1g of protein. The energy blend has 4% of your daily potassium, 100% of your daily vitamin B12, 180mg of caffeine, and 100mg of L-Theanine. The drink also boasts zero added sugars and adaptogens for stress relief.

The flavor of Citrus-Lime Riot Energy is the most interesting so far, it is citrus lime but leans heavier into the lime side of things. It is by no means a cousin to Sprite, it is tea-based with lime flavoring.  Carbonated lime energy juice is a good pick that will have you getting these things done.

Riot Energy Drink Cherry Watermelon Review

3. Cherry Watermelon Riot

The can for Cherry Watermelon Riot presents intense energy that revolves around a black can with fine punches of red and sprinklings of white. It looks like you are about to consume a small amount of violence. 

This 16-ounce energy drink contains two servings. It has 25% juice, 35 calories, 10 of mg sodium, 15g of carbs, 2g of dietary fiber, 8g of total sugar with 0g of added sugar. The energy blend contains 15% of your daily potassium, 100% of your daily vitamin B12, 150mg of caffeine, 100mg of L-Theanine, .and adaptogens to help resist stress. 

The drink starts with a strong cherry taste that is almost bitter. It then drives us over to the soft but semi-sweet watermelon, and finishes by washing it away with a brewed tea flavor.  The carbonation helps bring the cherry out but doesn’t overstay its welcome. 

Riot Energy Drink Berry Review

4. Berry Riot

Our last entry from Riot Energy has us coming face to face with a berry-flavored, ice-bomb-appearing energy drink. The drink is 2 servings and gives us 25% juice, 40 calories, 1g of carbohydrates, 2g of dietary fiber, 9g of total sugars. The energy blend contains 2% of your daily potassium, 100% of your daily vitamin B12, 160mg of caffeine, 100mg of L-Theanine, and adaptogens. 

Berry Riot Energy comes on much less intense than the others, giving credence to the can’s much calmer display. The berry taste is definitely a blueberry that hangs in there.  This drink is fine for those who like some flavor and don’t necessarily want the drink to settle into the tea flavor.  This drink is the mildest but mid of the flavors.

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