We Tried Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In Flavor (Review)

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Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In Review

Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In Flavor

When you’re taking the gamble you sometimes need to call. Other times, you need to be “all in” and still know that it IS a GAMBLE. When it comes to trying new snacks and new music, the experiences can feel very similar. Just don’t put music in your mouth and chips in your ears.

With Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In Flavor they lead us in with a classic tried and true favorite of salt and vinegar. Then they proceed to pour everything else on. This might sound like a recipe for a disaster for some and an opportunity for others to find their hot new taste.

What are you going to do hold, call, or go all in and find out what Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In Flavor is all about? I’ll make this easy for you if you want to hold and go over exactly what these chips are all about.

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Nutrition Facts: Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In Flavor

As I’ve said before, Rap Snacks hits a lick on getting the appropriate snack size (2.5 ounces per bag). With this much flavor, you can absolutely get your fill without going overboard. If you wanted to bag out and go until empty you can expect 375 calories, 22g total fat, 4.0g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 870mg sodium, 36g carbohydrates, 2g dietary fiber, 5g total sugars, 2g added sugars, 5g protein, 1.0mg iron, and 950mg potassium.

The sodium is definitely above average. However, we have to remember that these chips are getting most seasonings that have been discovered. That said, the mixture is going to have to make sense to okay that level of sodium. Do Rap Snacks and Lil Baby deliver on that?

Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In Chips

All These Flavors Listed, Do They “Drip Too Hard“?

It’s time to come to the table ready to see if the flavor will pay off or if I’ll have to cash out just a few chips in. I feel like a shark in this area because I’m okay with taking chances and my intuition is pretty good at knowing which ones will pay out. To lead in with salt and vinegar is already a huge plus for me as it is a flavor I’ve been into as a kid. Let’s open this bag and cut into the work.

Initial impressions of these chips are that you will taste the salt and vinegar first, then barbecue, then onion and garlic flavorings. How does that fare? If we consider that barbecue flavor is sometimes enhanced with vinegar, you can see it as a big plus. These chips are really good and although I want to empty the bag in one go, I’m going to consider my sodium level this one time.

It is without hesitation I’d give these a 9/10 and would be more than happy to revisit them soon. The flavor stays at a really good level and doesn’t overload on the salt and vinegar which is an easy thing to do. To have all these flavors and have them balance like this is impressive. If you like salt and vinegar even in the slightest, find these chips.

Have You Tried Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In Flavor?

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