We Tried Pringles Hot Honey

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Pringles Hot Honey Review

We Tried Pringles Hot Honey

How do you like your chips: tube or bag?  Either way, we agree that ‘once you pop the fun don’t stop’. However, we should do it within reason, no one tube of chips in a single sitting.  Pringles continues bringing terrific flavors in their drive-through bank tubes, and we’re here for it. 

The one negative I have with this is that my hand begins to struggle to get into the tube. I have to hope I don’t spill everywhere tilting the guy. We all remember Dante Hicks having to pull the Pringles can off the customer’s hand in Kevin Smith’s Clerks.

However, for quantity, portability, and taste/quality, Pringles definitely delivers. Pringles Hot Honey promises sweet heat, but can they deliver on this promise? Let’s try them and find out.

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Nutrition Facts

I will be assuming you’re more responsible than I am with food and you’ll stick to a single serving each time. Time will tell if I get to regret having that assumption. My possible stomach ache will lead the way.

If you can handle fourteen crisps at a time (one serving), you’ll get 150 calories, 9g total fat, 2.5g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 105mg sodium, 17g total carbohydrates, less than 1g dietary fiber, 2g total sugars with 1g added sugars, 1g protein, 0mcg vitamin d, 0mg calcium, 0mg iron, and 100mg potassium.  

For a graze or a snack held within its limits, this is a pretty fair value. Chip me in, I’m eating!

Pringles Hot Honey Flavor

How does it stand-out?

Pringles Hot Honey stands a whopping 8-feet tall (okay, seriously a little less than a foot) and beams like rays of a radiant yellow sun in your snack aisle.  It will be badged across the top with a blue seal “Only at Walmart”, so make sure you use them as your distributor unless this changes.

When it comes to the chips, they are not overly dusted in seasoning and not overwhelming in smell.  They have a very obvious injection of honey with nice smaller kicks of heat at the very end.  The heat could be stronger but in this case, the flavor “…is balanced as all things should be”- Thanos.  

The heat only gradually moves up the more you stack the chips. However, that strategy isn’t totally necessary for this flavor.  Pringles Hot Honey tastes good, but the use of “hot” in the title seems a bit exaggerated. It could have a weaker name like ‘Heat Hittin’ Honey’ and still have it ring true.

All in all, the flavor is fine and makes for a good snack. It isn’t something I’d immediately throw into the favorites category.  I’d say this is a reasonable and respectable 6.5/10 and is worth trying. 

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