Paul Rudd And Seth Rogan Reminisce In Lay’s Golden Memories(Super Bowl LVI Commerical)

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Lay’s Golden Memories Commerical

Lay’s potato chips recently released their commercial spot for Super Bowl LVI. The ad features Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan reminiscing while sharing a bag of Lay’s.

In ‘Golden Memories’ Seth Rogan seems nervous about his upcoming nuptials. This starts a flashback montage of all of the horrible experiences Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan have shared over the years. These humorous flashbacks parody many film genres and movie tropes. This includes haunted house movies, plane crash scenarios, and being trapped in a dungeon.

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The twist comes when we get to see Seth Rogan’s wedding ceremony. Twist! He is actually marrying the ghost woman from the haunted house scenario. Honestly, I am just happy that these two found love. Jokes aside, I thought this was a great Super Bowl commercial from two actors I’ve loved for most of my life. I really enjoyed the homages to different movies, especially the horror genre.

Did You See The Lay’s Golden Memories Commerical?

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