We Tried Outshine Mango With Tajin Fruit Bars (Review)

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Outshine Mango With Tajin Fruit Bars

Outshine Mango With Tajin Fruit Bars

The wintertime can’t stop me from enjoying a find cold treat. That doesn’t mean I can go wild and load up on calories like a bear though because, I’m just not built that way. How can I get the best cold sweet treat and not add an extra layer to my outstanding winter coat?

I might argue that Outshine brands do a good job of producing popsicles that are more focused on using true fruit and not fruit flavor. Their frozen bars are wider and typically come within a 6-quantity package. They are priced a bit higher at $3-$5 per box, but are they worth that investment?

Having never tried any of their stock before, I saw the Outshine Mango With Tajin Fruit Bars while getting popsicles for a sick family member. I knew then and there this was fate. Anything with a little something added to it always catches my eye and having a taste for mango, I wasn’t going to let this pass me by.

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Nutrition Facts For Outshine Mango With Tajin Fruit Bars

As I’m reviewing the information for Outshine Mango With Tajin Fruit Bars they state that a serving is 2 bars. I’m going to go the route of keeping my serving to 1 bar and let you know what that looks like instead. For 1 bar you’re looking at 185 calories, 640mg sodium, 41.5g of sugars, 0.25 total fat, 0g saturated fats, 0g trans fats, 0mg cholesterol, 46.5mg total carbohydrates, 1.5g dietary fiber, 24.5g added sugars, less than 1g protein, 10mg calcium, 0.4mg iron, 360mg potassium, and 36mcg of vitamin c.

I’m happy with my decision to hold my serving size in half as it is a very expensive snack to have for calories, sugar, and sodium. That said, is a popsicle made with some real fruit and seasoned with Tajin going to pop off? Will it just get lost in the mix post-freeze?

Let’s take a chance for flavor’s sake and get you a real feel for it.

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Outshine Mango With Tajin Fruit Bars 2 1

Spices On A Sweet? How Does That Work?

Mango is such a sweet and delicious fruit, couldn’t it just be eaten by itself? Sure. There’s always room for plain/vanilla in any area. However, if you haven’t tried savory with sweet, you really should make some time to find out about it. In this mix, Tajin is a chili and lime seasoning, so it isn’t so much spicy heat as it is a more peppery tang that mango doesn’t have by itself.

The second part of this experiment is going to look at, how do you eat cold treats (ice cream and popsicles). Many people have sensitive teeth so biting these snacks is not an option for them. Does that mean you’re going to be season overloaded, if you stick with just licking the popsicle? I like to think I’m thorough, so I’m going to look at it both ways, teeth be damned.

Personally, I am able to bite the frozen foods so iI will generally go that way to ensure that it isn’t melting all over me. I’m clumsy enough, I don’t dare give people more reason to look at me like an aging child. As I bite into Outshine Mango With Tajin Fruit Bars the sweet of the mango takes no time standing out, but it mixes so extremely well with the Tajin. The sweet and savory finds a VERY agreeable medium. Again, it is not spicy so you’re not going to be cursing the world for heat that sneaks up on you.

When it comes to licking the popsicle/fruitbar, this isn’t my go to method. It still is not a bad treat eating it this way, but it is slower and you will get more of the seasoning mix with a much smaller mango in the mix. I still enjoy the flavors, but this method just isn’t for me, chief.

With these bases covered, I would definitely give this treat an 8/10 and would look at getting them again. My gripes are that, although they are wide, they are small (yes, I can gripe about this) and the cost almost makes sense, but it could still be lower. Otherwise you’re getting a really stellar flavor for all seasons. I would suggest using this as a meal ender for your taco night, if you REALLY want to kick that flavor up a notch.

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