Nguyen Coffee Supply: Why You Should Care About The First Canned Vietnamese Cold Brew

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Nguyen Coffee Supply Canned Coffee

Nguyen Coffee Supply Is Evening The Odds

The first-generation, Vietnamese-American woman-owned coffee company Nguyen Coffee Supply just launched its brand new ready-to-drink cold brew coffee. Nguyen Coffee Supply is perhaps one of the most exciting coffee suppliers in the game right now, and with them moving into the specialty coffee market, it could mean a lot for Vietnam; here’s why.

As of 2020, Brazil and Vietnam make up 80% of the world’s coffee supply (according to World Economic Forum) though Brazil continues to dominate market share. A majority of countries across the world tend to grow arabica beans because it’s the most common coffee bean sold. A lot of the reason behind this though tends to be rooted in production bias. Vietnam has made its claim with the less popular robusta bean. Arabica features sweeter and nuttier flavor accents while robusta features a bolder and darker taste. Nguyen Coffee Supply is here to destigmatize the robusta coffee bean but you’re probably wondering why is there a stigma surrounding it at all. According to the Coffee Quality Institute…

Robusta is often overlooked because of its traditionally unfavorable cupping quality, which traces directly to the way it is processed. Oftentimes, Robusta beans are traded with hundreds of defects and their cupping quality has not been a priority. But what if it is processed properly? The impact could be huge on not only the farmers producing it, but every party in the supply chain.

The Nguyen Coffee Supply website states that through coffee, founder Sahra Nguyen is telling a new story about robusta coffee. Through their company, they are creating new opportunities for people within the global coffee community – from farmers to consumers. As a coffee enthusiast, Nguyen loved exploring emerging coffee concepts in New York and around the world. However, she noticed that there was a huge misperception about coffee beans grown in Vietnam – big coffee companies were calling them “inferior,” which felt irrelevant since beans don’t exist in hierarchy.

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Nguyen Coffee Supply Canned Coffee Classic Black

Nguyen knew there was an opportunity to properly showcase the distinct profiles of arabica and robusta beans grown in Vietnam when presented with cultural integrity and fresh roasted in Brooklyn. And it wouldn’t be a long shot to convince people that they’d love coffee grown in Vietnam. Why? Because Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world and the #1 producer of robusta beans, which means that many people around the globe are already enjoying the familiar, bold flavors represented by Nguyen Coffee Supply – they just don’t realize the coffee they’re drinking is probably made with Vietnamese coffee beans! Why? Because Vietnamese coffee has been rendered invisible which leads to a lack of transparency and representation.

By refining the robusta bean process, Nguyen Coffee Supply is generating way more opportunities for coffee bean farmers in Vietnam. Nguyen is leveling the playing field with industry giants by eliminating biases one cup at a time. Also as global warming is reducing the amount of land for optimal coffee growing conditions, the world is going to need additional suppliers to keep up with international demand. Nguyen’s coffee is sustainable, traded directly, and of course woman-owned. You can feel right knowing your cup of coffee in the morning is going to people who truly deserve it.

The Nguyen Coffee Supply canned cold brew, classic black is available on their website or at a local coffee shop near you.

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