We Tried MrBeast Burger (Review)

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MrBeast Burger Review

About MrBeast Burger

The pandemic showed many people how to become resourceful and start additional flows of income.  A successful showing of this is in MrBeast Burger, a ghost kitchen that isn’t tied to one franchise or another. This is also called a virtual restaurant, with establishments producing food exclusively through delivery apps. 

MrBeast Burger keeps it simple by having crinkle-cut fries and burgers. They also change it up by offering chicken tender sandwiches and a few other options. If you’re someone that doesn’t want to cook and you want a decent delivery eat, you’re in luck. I’m here to tell you a few things about MrBeast Burger

Since it is a part of a ghost kitchen, you’re not going to go and find a dedicated brick-and-mortar location for MrBeast Burger. It is available through food delivery services (GrubHub, DoorDash, etc.). Although the menu is not thoroughly extensive, you can manage to get a meal deal (entree, fries, and a drink) and hit the usual requirements of $15 for delivery. In my area at least, all services want $15 otherwise their upcharge for delivery is just insane.  

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MrBeast Burger Menu

What’s on the menu then? As mentioned above, you have the Beast Burger which is a double patty by default, or triple with an upcharge. They have a chicken tender sandwich that comes in plain or Nashville hot. MrBeast Burger’s crinkle-cut fries come either seasoned or Beast Style, which is ketchup, mustard, and grilled onions. The two entrees also come in meal deals.

MrBeast Burger also has individual food items, such as Beast Style Burger (smashed beef, sauces, and seasonings), Chandler Style (smashed beef, no sauce, toasted bun), Chris Style (Beast Style with bacon and fries), and Karl’s Deluxe (patty melt). For vegetarian options, there are Impossible variations for each of these options. There is also Karl’s grilled cheese, chocolate chip cookies, bottled soda (in my area it is Coca-Cola products), and water.  

If you are familiar with In-N-Out’s ‘Animal Style’, you know you’re in for a bit of a mess with MrBeast Burger’s Beast Style options.  It can make your burger and fries soggy, so make sure to get it while it’s hot. That said, it is an American way of doing food: messy. calorie-heavy, and looking ridiculous.

The Nashville Hot for the chicken is a bit of an oversell as it barely comes in with the heat. I would call it ‘Nashville Lukewarm’. With that in mind, for my taste buds, the Nashville Hot is the better of the choices.  I’d also say get the fries seasoned as they do taste really good. 

All things considered, for getting enough food and not going too far beyond the delivery fee threshold, MrBeast Burger hits the sweet spot. You won’t see it as super special or as a spoil-yourself thing, but it is nice to have available when the “I don’t wannas” kick in.  As for the nutrition side of things, since you are getting food delivered you should know you aren’t getting meals fit for pre-competition. Their nutritional information is available in their nutrition facts document.  

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MrBeast Burger Food Review

MrBeast Is My Father, Just Call Me Beast

In my opinion, the MrBeast Burger model works. You’re getting a meal, you’re not going anywhere to get it, and you’re not spending $30.00 to have it delivered. The food has a better taste than your typical fast food locale. That said, it doesn’t walk into most sit-down eateries’ territory.

I’d say MrBeast Burger is helping raise the bar for fast food. On the downside, It is messy and the Nashville Hot could use the correct heat. I can’t go all in, but I feel a 7/10 is fair enough of a rating and they are worth repeating.

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