We Tried MrBeast Bar: Quinoa Crunch Chocolate (Review)

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MrBeast Bar Quinoa Crunch Review

MrBeast Bar: Quinoa Crunch Chocolate

Finding the time to enjoy everything you love is tricky, even if you can even find new things “in the wild”. That said, when I was at the grocery store I saw a familiar, over-the-top smiling face in MrBeast. As I’ve said before I will not review mint and chocolate, which was one of the two flavors they had. However, they also had MrBeast Bar: Quinoa Crunch Chocolate. I do enjoy quinoa, but I’ve never seen it in the form of a chocolate bar. That was enough for me to have my curiosity piqued.

The next consideration is that the bar itself has only FIVE ingredients. In a world drowning in chocolate and other confections, that is a wildly low amount of ingredients for a consumable. Also, seeing MrBeast products in my area is uncommon. Aside from the in-app food ordering for MrBeast Burger, I would only see his face if it was an ad on something I was watching.

Can Jimmy cause us to Eat World with this candy bar or is it a sure Shaq dunk to the trash can? Let’s unwrap this MrBeast Bar: Quinoa Crunch Chocolate and find out!

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Nutrition Facts

With there only being five ingredients, do not expect that this bar will come in a King or Big Boi size. It is a little over an ounce in weight and is about the width of my pinky. I’m saying this bar is smaller but maybe it’s densely packed with the chocolate we crave.

At any rate, one serving or 1 bar has 200 calories, 13g total fat, 8g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 5mg sodium, 20g carbohydrates, 2g fiber, 15g total sugars, 15g added sugars, 2g protein, 4% daily value of iron, and 2% potassium.

Although you aren’t getting a lot of serving in a bar, you are hitting 1/10 of a 2,000 cal/day intake. That said, the sodium of this bar shines being at only 5mg. Even though the bar is on the smaller side, Feastables (the company that produces the bars) was kind enough to make a small shareable breakaway to the bar. As I am both greedy and maidenless, this is also mine and I thank myself immensely. How does MrBeast Bar: Quinoa Crunch Chocolate fare beyond just the numbers though?

MrBeast Bar Quinoa Crunch Chocolate

MrBeast or MrLeast, Perhaps BOTH?

The title for this section outlines that it is a MrBeast product with very few ingredients, no slight intended. Surely though, an American can’t enjoy a product that doesn’t come dispensed from a dump truck, right? Well, I was pleasantly surprised by this bar. If you think “Oh, it’s a more natural style Crunch bar”, this bar is certainly a good start.

The bar is made with very good quality chocolate to the point that it has small notes of that rich dark chocolate stinging through. The quinoa is crunchy, but I’d say you’ll notice more crunch from the bar itself than said pseudocereal. The taste and crunch are both good touches but the price point is a little wild considering the size, regardless of inflation/corporate greed arguments. A candy bar this size should have this price point if it is supporting a cause and they are showing it OR the candy bar is made with an ingredient that is of high, high quality.

We mentioned that MrBeast Bar: Quinoa Crunch Chocolate is made with only a few ingredients but what are they? Cane Sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic chocolate liquor, crispy quinoa, and sunflower lecithin are what compose this small stick of chocolate dynamite. I’d rate its explosivity a 7/10 but until it falls to a price at or around $1.00 per bar or has demonstrative value beyond the branding, I would leave this at “just try it”.

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Have You Tried MrBeast Bar: Quinoa Crunch Chocolate?

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