We Tried MrBeast Bar Chocolate Sea Salt

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MrBeast Bar Chocolate Sea Salt Review

MrBeast Bar Chocolate Sea Salt

We currently live in a time where anyone that has a large enough audience will move into capitalizing on it. People that do prank videos, people that do self-help, and people who do a variety of things that are not particularly connected to a product. In this timeline, I’m looking at the MrBeast Bar Chocolate Sea Salt and other Feastables down the road, to see if a guy named Jimmy can get chocolate right.

MrBeast Bar Chocolate Sea Salt is a statement that five simple ingredients will get us a sweet AND savory combination that we might be able to find at our local Walmart and if not, they sell through their site and Amazon. The bars themselves are very 90s and 80s themed, pattern and color wise so they don’t necessarily get camouflaged in.

How good can five ingredients actually be? Will it be the guy that only grills the chicken but doesn’t add any seasoning to it? Could it be that it’s a crumbly mess that doesn’t have good binding agents? Will I feel like I bought something that wasn’t totally wasting my time? I’ll cover the nutrition facts and let you know exactly how this beast handles business.

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Nutrition Facts For MrBeast Bar Chocolate Sea Salt

For a 2.1oz bar, you’re getting two servings (1.05oz per serving) and you’ll be getting 170 calories, 11g total fat, 7g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 50mg sodium, 16g total carbs, 2g dietary fiber, 14g total sugars, 13g added sugars, 2g protein, 2% daily value (based on 2,000 calorie/day diet) vitamin d, 4% iron, and 3% potassium.

This nutrition stack is in a terrific spot for a candy bar. Using only five ingredients, is a good look for the facts, but using only five ingredients, how does it taste? I’m a fan of the savory with my sweets, but is there enough to be noticed in this candy bar? Let’s put this timeline’s Willy Wonka product to the test.

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The Chocolate Breathes Salty, Won’t You Carry It In?

Don’t be mad at my mouse’s modesty with the title of this section! I thought it was fun and Modest Mouse is a good time, chocolate or not. Returning to our topic, because this is a chocolate bar and not a candy or anything, the smell is nothing to take note of. The bar’s consistency is solid, with no crumbling, and not too quick to melt.

The taste of MrBeast Bar Chocolate Sea Salt delivers the correct combination of chocolate and sea salt, with the sea salt making a slow burn after your bite. The sea salt delivers a high level considering how light it tastes initially. If Feastables didn’t poach chocolatiers from other companies, it would be shocking for how well this delivers.

If you’ve read my reviews by now, you know I’m a sweet and savory type and MrBeast Bar Chocolate Sea Salt lands smoothly. I’m giving this an 8/10 and it is a favorable re-visit for flavor, calories, and the fact that it isn’t messing about with a 50-item ingredient list.

If their taste is an indication of how popular this bar should be, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it take up more real estate in grocery stores soon. They have a few flavors including Quinoa Crunch, Almond, and a bar titled “Deez Nuts”. If the internet age has taught us one thing it has to be, never take yourself seriously, people are only here for a good time, not a long one.

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