We Tried Mountain Dew Fruit Quake

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Mountain Dew Fruit Quake Review 2022

Mountain Dew Fruit Quake Review

Mountain Dew is known for being one of the most diverse and adaptive soda brands on the market. Without sarcasm and in total earnestness, do a quick web search and have your mind blown. Mountain Dew does this because they know that they have a very specific demographic in mind: gamers. Folks that need focus but don’t enjoy the taste of coffee. Dedicated to thrill seekers and those looking to try to explore a different flavor palette of bubbly sweetness, Mountain Dew has introduced Mountain Dew Fruit Quake. This new limited-time drink is their way of bringing in the holiday season.

Being a self-proclaimed soda extraordinaire, I’ve watched Mountain Dew move from their classic citrus flavor to a variety of explosive flavors. With their latest myriad of limited-time drink options, you never know what you’re getting into. Mountain Dew Fruit Quake is their latest addition to their line-up of caffeinated concoctions to give us a little holiday fizz. Let’s unpack Mountain Dew Fruit Quake and what you can expect when you take your first sip!

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Mountain Dew Fruit Quake Nutrition Facts

A Mountain Dew isn’t quite the powerhouse that an energy drink is, regardless we have to stress that you pay attention to the details on Mountain Dew’s nutritional fact chart before going to town. An individual 12oz serving of Mountain Dew Fruit Quake has…

  • 160 Calories
  • 0g Total Fat
  • 55mg Sodium
  • 43g Total Carbohydrates
  • 43g Total Sugars
  • 43g Added Sugars
  • 0g Protein
  • 54mg Caffeine

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Dew-Mas

Mtn Dew fruit quake soda review

Fruitcake has long been known as the holiday dessert no one actually wants to touch, let alone eat. MTN DEW is changing that by dropping their annual holiday flavor. We’re making everyone’s holiday dreams come true by swapping the dated dessert with a tastier treat, MTN DEW Fruit Quake…

Mountain Dew spokesperson

When you open a can of Mountain Dew Fruit Quake, I can’t promise Mariah Carey won’t immediately sing you into the Christmas realm. That’s her thing. The soda itself is like a carbonated Hawaiian Punch but there’s also a little knock of cinnamon asking to be let in and it almost finishes like traditional Mountain Dew. Strange right?

Our review of Mountain Dew Fruit Quake? It’s a mid-level soda but doesn’t quite stand out like Voltage, Baja Blast, or Maui Burst. It isn’t something that is going to pop off because of a dish you’ve made either. I would give it a 6.5 out of 10 and it can be repeated without the flavor getting too dull.

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Have You Tried Mountain Dew Fruit Quake?

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