We Tried The Monster Ultra Peachy Keen Energy Drink (Review)

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Monster Peachy Keen Review

Monster Ultra Peachy Keen

If your morning starts like Netflix and you feel like it has Stranger Things in store for you, and you’re saying to yourself “Chrissy, wake up! I don’t like this!”…you probably need caffeine! No time for coffee to brew? No problem! Let’s talk about a low-calorie energy drink that can get you through The Upside Down and back to the right side up.

Today, we’re talking about Monster Energy Ultra Peachy Keen. Sometimes to fight the monsters, you have to become one. Fortunately, your commitment to it won’t be too terrible!

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Let’s take care of some key takeaways and insights:

1. Don’t drink if you don’t like peach-flavored beverages. Even if the flavor is subtle, you don’t need a reason to get mad about buying a drink.

2. Don’t purchase this drink if you are caffeine sensitive, have a heart condition, or trying this on a day with large anxiety possibilities.

3. See if you can find this on a day that the store offers a “2-For…” deal. There is no sense in paying $3.00USD for a beverage even if you love your caffeine fix.

4. Regardless of who you are, please don’t drink more than 1-2 energy drinks in a given day, and don’t go crazy on them throughout your week.

With this much energy, how many calories am I sacrificing? How much sugar am I ingesting? Will I actually become a monster? There are important questions, and I’ve got your back.

A 16 oz serving (1 can) has 10 calories, no fat, 310mg of sodium, 3g of carbohydrates, no sugar, no added sugar, and no protein. For the energy blend, Monster Ultra Peachy Keen contains 250% of your daily value of Niacin, 230% of your daily value of Vitamin B6, 490% of your daily value of B12, and 400% of your daily value of Pantothenic Acid. It has unlisted amounts of L-Carnitine and Taurine.

Finally, will you become a monster? If you believe that you can enter beast mode, that beasts are in the monster category, and that caffeine speeds up the process to get there, then yes, you’ll be a monster. Monster Ultra Peachy Keen contains 110mg of caffeine.

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Monster Ultra Peachy Keen Review

Monster Ultra Peachy Keen Review

So now that we’ve taken care of the basic details, let’s try out Monster Energy Ultra Peachy Keen. It is crisp, clean, sits light, and the initial peach taste is refreshing. The finish for this drink does leave a lot to be desired. The peach flavor has a sweet taste, but it transitions to the taste of the sweetening agent of the drink. The aftertaste is not something I would want to keep around without a glass of water almost immediately after.

With that said, if the idea is to get the energy you need without feeling full or killing your diet, this is a good way to do it. Is it the best flavor? No, and for 10 calories Monster has other offerings I think would do better. I would have this on rare occasions and would give it a rating of 5/10.

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