We Tried Monster Energy Ultra Watermelon

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Monster Energy Ultra Watermelon Review

Monster Energy Ultra Watermelon

Another day, another steep energy demand. It’s time to kick the pink wrinkly (my new name for the brain, like that?) into gear. Fortunately, we get to be in this day, but we don’t have the luxury of much time before the ferry leaves to get us where we’re going. Foregoing coffee and going a few steps beyond soda, an energy drink is the move and we’ve got Monster Energy Ultra Watermelon as our solution.

Fortunately for you and me, the ‘Monster Ultra’ series are zero sugar which lends itself to being a low-calorie super fuel. The unfortunate side is that we can’t know the taste without opening that top and drinking it after we’ve committed to buying it. Well, if you’ve trusted me so far, I think you’ve got a similar taste as me and I will tell you the truth. Come on, let’s find out if this is any good, what do you say?

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Nutrition Facts for Monster Energy Ultra Watermelon

Sometimes our most Herculean efforts require a very monstrous concoction, but is Monster Energy Ultra Watermelon really a monster or a friendly behemoth? It certainly lends itself to kinder lights in the form of its caloric composition. A 16-ounce can gives us 10 calories, 0mg total fat, 180mg sodium, 6g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugar, 0g added sugar, 2g erythritol, and 0g protein. The energy blend gives us 250% of a daily value in niacin, 240% vitamin b6, 490% vitamin b12, 400% pantothenic acid, and 150mg of caffeine.

Whether you have a more endearing term for your friend in a can or you prefer to call it a monster, the nutritional side seems to be a big flex for us. With that in mind, I never recommend doing more than one of these in a day and fret about individuals that believe in two. If you are pregnant or nursing, don’t consider this, please, and thank you.

Monster Energy Ultra Watermelon

Of Monsters and Men

When you agree to allow the monster to join you in the fray of your day’s battlefield, how much help will it be? If you are longing to be back in the July heat with a sky temporarily emblazoned with fireworks, then the taste of this will certainly have you sitting there. The can itself is colored to look like watermelon so it is easy to identify. Once up close, you’ll see fireworks in the design work. This is one well-thought-out can!

If you’re okay with that but are okay with making the story for your day, this will also lend its hand to that. The watermelon taste joins itself with some sour flavoring and really rings strong. There is a sweetener finish but it is on the weaker end of things. If you really need that earlier year nostalgia in these colder months, one, I don’t knock that, two, this drink helps capture it. The flavor is tangy, sweet, and sour. It almost knocks on the door of Atomic Warheads’ territory.

I would give this drink a 9/10 because it does deliver what it promises but that sour adds a little extra and I’m here for it. If we must give an Ares effort towards the task of the day, but our Achilles heel is our energy level, then perhaps Monster Energy Ultra Watermelon is the Epirus bow we need to bring things back to stasis.

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