We Tried Monster Energy Ultra Gold (Review)

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Monster Ultra Gold Energy Drink Review

Monster Energy Ultra Gold

Being a man of the people, I hate that summer has to go away, but man do I love to watch her leave. She walks away gracefully, kissing us less intensely with the beams of the sun, and begins whispering into our ears and lightly caressing our skin with the wind. She transforms into a dancer in the fallen leaves that blow around us. Truly, Summer and Autumn are fine babes of the temperature and nature around us. 

What does any of that have to do with energy drinks? Kind of rude of you to interrupt my imagery, but it looks like this may be the last summer flavor that we have for a while. This is a sad but welcome change until our next rendezvous in the sun. In this respect we tried Monster Energy Ultra Gold, which is a pineapple flavored 16oz human fuel delivery system, so let’s see if it is worth our time.

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Caffeine Recommendations

If you decide that Monster Energy Ultra Gold is going to be the way to go, we would ask that you heed a few simple rules for your enjoyment and health. I would say that if you DO NOT like pineapple, you should avoid this. You’re not going to come to me with “But Brandon, I thought it was supposed to taste like liquid gold!”

If you are easily affected by caffeine, under duress that exacerbates your feelings of anxiety, or you have medical reasons that would see your heart destroyed by ingesting one of these: Don’t. Simply sit this one out, I promise there will be more reviews of non-energy drink liquids and they will treat you better. Otherwise, you are ready to embrace the energy and see where it takes you!

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Nutrition Facts

I would be a bad friend to you if I didn’t outline what to expect from this drink. Yes, the details are stated on the can. However, because we ARE friends, I tell you about them here so you have an experience before experiencing the experience if that makes sense.

For this 16oz serving you can expect 10 calories, 0 total fat, 200mg sodium, 5g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugar, 0g added sugar, 2g Erythritol (sugar alcohol used as a sweetener), 0g protein, and 2% potassium. The energy blend contains Niacin (vitamin B3) 250%, vitamin B6 240%, vitamin B12 400%, and Pantothenic Acid 400%. Let us not forget the 150mg of caffeine.

Monster Ultra Gold Review

Monster Energy Ultra Gold Review

We have established that Monster Energy Ultra Gold is a pineapple-flavored energy drink that is likely a wave goodbye to summer flavors. With that said, is it a good pineapple, or does this taste like a tropical air freshener? For me, I enjoy a natural pineapple, whether it is just the fruit, the juice, the fruit ON PIZZA (fight me), or when it is used in cakes. 

For this drink, in my opinion, we hit a few levels of false pineapple taste that are almost nearing ‘metallic water’ vibes.  The sweetener steals some of the pineapple-y goodness, but again, zero-sugar drinks can be like that. Overall, the pineapple flavor is just not a good taste for me and my tastebuds. 

The drink itself is light so I can wash it away without much issue. It is just a shame. I won’t be having another one in the future. There is no harsh aftertaste, thankfully, but the taste itself is something that leaves a lot to be desired. I give this one a 3/10.

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