We Tried Monster Energy Ultra Fiesta Mango (Review)

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Monster Energy Ultra Fiesta Mango Review

Monster Energy Ultra Fiesta Mango

When getting ready for the tasks the world, your employer, and your life have going on, sometimes your only option is to be an armor-clad juggernaut.  Let’s be realistic here, even being six-foot tall and bulletproof isn’t going to stop someone from dropping the boulder of burdens that crushes you. Having a little help is always advised. 

A quick way to get to this super-soldier feeling is by making sure you get that legal-to-all drug caffeine. A better way to imbibe is to make sure that it is mixed with the ingredients that cause you to digest it and make it immediate energy. The best example of this is energy drinks.

When it comes to acquiring energy, in tandem with Red Bull, Monster has made a name for itself in getting us into and back out of the fray, with strong showings. Today’s feature will be Monster Energy’s Ultra Fiesta Mango. 

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I’d like to draw a line in the sand here. Don’t get this product based on my review, if you have aversions or inclusions to the following things:

  1. Don’t get this drink if mangoes “aren’t your thing”. No quarrel here, just don’t get this drink and then scream at me. I’m sensitive.
  2. If you are caffeine sensitive, can’t have energy drinks, have high anxiety, or something along these lines, do not purchase this beverage. You already know energy drinks are a no-no and me NOT being a doctor doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t have them, for shame.
  3. “Coffee is better in literally every sense of the….” stop, stop, we don’t gatekeep and we don’t shame someone’s choice of caffeine here.

Nutrition Facts

We have come to the bookkeeping portion of the review. If you’re considering this, I want you to know the impact it has from the nutritional side, and not just how it dances merrily upon your tastebuds. 

For a 16oz serving, you can expect 10 calories, 0g fat, 370mg sodium, 6g carbohydrates, 0g total sugar and 0g added sugar, 2g Erythritol (naturally occurring sugar additive). The energy blend contains 0g protein, Niacin (Vitamin B3) 250%, Vitamin B6 240%, Vitamin B12 490%, and Pantothenic Acid 400%. Let us not forget the 160mg of caffeine.

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Monster Ultra Fiesta Mango Review

Monster Energy Ultra Fiesta Mango Review

You may be asking yourself ‘Brandon, what is Monster Energy Ultra Mango Fiesta like’? What is it about? Am I going to be the life of the party after consuming this party? 

These are fair questions and I will do my best to answer them in the order they came in.  Monster Energy Ultra Mango Fiesta is surely a lovely zero-sugar energy drink that hits you with a mango hammer every time you have a sip. When I think of the best taste for mangoes, it’s mango pie in the summer with a little a la mode (I bet you didn’t think I could speak Francois). This drink is definitely not a pie, but the way the mango is situated, the flavor is very full-body. 

This energy drink is one of the lightest Monsters I’ve had so far. In fact, I finished it, forgot, and tried having more five minutes later. I was then disappointed, forgot, tried having more five minutes later, and finally had to put the can in the recycling. With that in mind, please recycle. It is a very small thing we do but has great effects when we all do it. 

If you drink Monster Energy Ultra Fiesta Mango, you will be the party. It may just be you and your dog (or cats) at home binging the latest series, or gaming online with your coworker that’s like six billion miles away.  I think you cannot go wrong with this one and it will be one that I return to.  The negatives are very low to not noticeable enough to impact my rating. I think Ultra Fiesta Mango earns an 8/10 rating from us. 

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