Lay’s Releases New Mashup Flavors With Other Classic Brands

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Lays Flavor Swap

About Lay’s Flavor Swap Potato Chips

On August 9th, 2022, Frito-Lay put out a press release announcing new flavors for their famous potato chips. These flavors will be mashups of other classic snack brands.

Stacy Taffet, VP of brand marketing for Frito-Lay North America, stated “What makes the Lay’s Flavor Swap lineup so much fun is the combination of flavors our fans know and love to create a new-but-familiar snacking experience.’

Lay’s puts out a few weird flavors every year, and I always have to try them. While I haven’t seen them in nearby stores, I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for them.

These new Lay’s flavors were shipped to retailers on August 8th, 2022. Expect to see them in stores soon.

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Lays Flavor Swap Flavors

New Lay’s Flavor Swap Varieties

Lay’s Cheetos Cheese – This new flavor takes classic Lay’s chips and flavors them with the finger-staining cheese that we love from Cheetos.

Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch – The only thing holding me back from these is that they are regular potato chips. Will the Doritos Coll Ranch flavor hold up when it is not on a corn-based chip?

Lay’s Kettle Cooked Fritos Chili Cheese – Chili cheese is one of the most popular flavors of Fritos corn chips. I like that they went for Kettle Cooked for this flavor. I feel that kettle chips go well with smokey barbecue-esque flavors.

Lay’s Wavy Funyuns Onion – Get all the flavor with none of the rings. I think these might be the best of the bunch. I am a huge fan of Utz’s Garlic and Onion potato chips. I have a feeling that Lay’s Funyuns Onion will have a similar flavor.

Have You Tried The New Lay’s Flavor Swaps?

These new Lay’s potato chip flavors look crazy. Have you tried them yet? What did you think? Let us know on social media!