Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Candy Bar (Review)

Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Review

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Kit Kat Duos Strawberry Dark Chocolate Review

Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Review

“Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!” (You’re welcome Andy Bernard) If you’re someone that lived through the 90s you’ve heard this iconic commercial and seen the breakaway wafers. By most accounts, you’ve had them, but as time goes on, they attempt to take pages out of the “re-invention handbook” and make their product new. Allegedly they even have a bar with wasabi included! 

I’ve been able to find these with mint (which you won’t find ME reviewing) and most recently with dark chocolate and strawberry. Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate are still packaged as the breakaway wafer bars, but they are darker and have a very satisfying pink coloration on top.  Honestly, if you didn’t eat these and left them out for smell alone, you’d probably increase your living space’s social appeal tenfold.

I took a few moments with Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate to really feel this candy out. Does the chocolate drive down irritation? Does the strawberry take me to a summer escape? Is it just more candy being forced down my gullet so I will feel something? I’ll leave the last one for my therapist and I’ll inform you about the ones prior.

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Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Nutrition Facts

For us in North America, I’m finding it to be more pertinent that we re-evaluate how we sell candies. This candy which is three ounces is roughly 2.5 servings and yet it is sold as a “go ahead and eat the whole thing at one time” idea. I know I’ve talked about self-discipline, but they are making it difficult to find inner restraint. For a serving of Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate (3 fingers) you get…

  • 160 Calories
  • 9g Total Fat
  • 5g Saturated Fat
  • 0g Trans Fat
  • 0mg Cholesterol
  • 15mg Sodium
  • 20g Total Carbohydrates
  • Less Than 1g Fiber
  • 15g Total Sugars
  • 14g Added Sugars
  • 2g Protein
  • 30mg Calcium
  • 1.1mg Iron
  • 85mg Potassium

“But Brandon, that’s not a lot, in fact, that’s nothing!” Unless you are on a Dwayne Johnson Diet plan that lives in the 10,000-calorie range, you’d have good intentions and be wrong. 

For this entire package you’re getting roughly 420 (NICE) calories and if you’re sticking to around a recommended 2,000 calorie/day diet, that’s over 1/5th of what you should have. Did that stop me? No, but ideally you are better than me. 

Breaking The Peace Of The Kit Kat Bar

So we’ve got the history and the health impacts out of the way, what’s this candy bar talking about? What does the Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate say when we decide to converse? I mentioned the aroma is very nice, but the taste is something that sits so well. The dark chocolate actually manages to draw sweeter notes from the strawberry and that is the reason I ate this in one go.

Does that make it the best Kit Kat? I still want to try the wasabi, but it’s already above regular and mint (again I’m not reviewing that one). My money is on giving Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate a solid 8/10, and allowing it repeat status. The areas for improvement would be just a smidge more strawberry and you’ve got the hidden chord that they talked about in “Broken Hallelujah”.  

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