We Tried Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts

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Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts Review

Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts

Breakfast time can be a real crunch, even for the most structurally scheduled of us. Let’s face it, beyond what’s on the agenda, are so many more activities waiting to jump in and add themselves to your calendar. If we have to make a sacrifice during these times, it is usually with our meals. If it’s the case that you need a quick breakfast on the go, Kellog’s gives us Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop-Tarts. It is also possible you just want to try something quick and sweet instead, all good by me.

Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts offer us Pop-Tarts flavor richness with the taste being focused on Eggo Waffles and maple syrup. Having one pouch of these gives you two slices of that breakfast pie that your heart desires and your stomach longs for. Does the flavor come across though or is it lost in cross-promotion translation?

I’ll take you on a closer look at it and let you know my thoughts.

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Nutrition Facts

Now we know that this is a processed food for quick consumption, so we can’t anticipate taking a few hits here and there, but how does a serving of Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts stack up? For one serving (2 pastries) we’re looking at 380 calories, 12g total fat, 3.5g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 4.5g polyunsaturated fat, 2.5g monounsaturated fat, 0mg cholesterol, 330mg sodium, 67g carbohydrates, 1g dietary fiber, 30g total sugars, 30g added sugars, 4g protein, 10mg calcium, 1.4mg iron, and 50mg potassium.

This is great, we know that if we wanted to finish the box of Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts in a sitting we’d only be getting 1320 calories, with room to spare (based on a 2000 calorie/day intake)! Now, I wouldn’t recommend trying that out but even a whole box of processed food doesn’t put us over on calories!

Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts

Hey Leggo My Eggo…Poptart!

So how do Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts work beyond their nutritional value and being a quick option? I’m happy to report that the Maple syrup flavoring is not too sweet but reminds me of a waffle drizzled with the breakfast condiment. It’s a sweet enough breakfast ravioli that it will make you want to hum the songs that have been stuck in your head loudly, as you get ready for your day.

Taking the first bite is sure to release the sugar-associated stress relief, at least for a few moments, so best not to take too long before the next one! The pastry itself is what we consider standard for Pop Tart, it isn’t tough or soft, but an agreeable medium. The frosting top has the traditional criss-cross “drizzle” with more maple syrup there. Finally, the flavor on the inside is similar to the maple cinnamon flavoring of their Maple Brown Sugar Pop Tarts, however, there’s something Eggo-ey about it also.

All things considered, Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts is a great choice to go with so that you get a near-traditional breakfast flavor. I feel like it’s reasonable to give this an 8/10 because it does deliver what it promises and succeeds where many brand crossovers flop. I would absolutely try this again and would consider throwing some butter on top while being heated, to make it more authentic.

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Have You Tried Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop Tarts

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