We Tried Duff A L’orange Sparkling Beverage (Review)

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Duff Orange Sparkling Beverage Review

Duff A L’orange Sparkling Beverage

The Simpson’s is a show featuring a five-person family that got its start in 1989. Some would argue that its main character is Homer, the father/patriarch of the family. An oafish, lucky, but loving man who failed his way up into a nuclear power plant and balances himself out with Duff beer at Moe’s Tavern.

Duff is the town adult drink of choice and is likely closer to a Budweiser in our reality. It’s a filling beer that is common – both of those things land them in that Budweiser spectrum. Today we’re trying a non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated take on Springfield’s drink of choice with Duff A L’orange Sparkling Beverage. And we’re not eating anyone’s shorts to find out about it.

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Nutrition Facts For Duff

As I continue to review drinks and foods, my focus is to be inclusive of those that are healthier. Sometimes that will come at a cost of taste, but the alternative is to have no flavored water – which you should be drinking a lot of anyway. I don’t have these things every day and don’t recommend that you do either because a happy and healthy life is one in moderation. However, you could go full Homer and I wouldn’t judge you on it.

1 can of Duff is 1 serving (12 ounces) and has 20 calories, 0g total fat, 0g trans fat, 45mg sodium, 6g total carbohydrates, 4g total sugars, 4g added sugars, 0g protein, 94mg potassium, 4mg niacin, 0.4mg vitamin b6, 1.2mg pantothenic acid, and no caffeine.

This is definitely a better-sounding alternative to a beer, most energy drinks, and “MMMM, DONUT”. For a show that is constantly hailed as predicting the future, let’s see if it can predict my taste preference.

Duff Orange Drink Review

Moe, I’ll Have Duff And Keep’em Comin’

So it can’t get you drunk and it can’t get you caffeinated, what’s the point? Well, Homer, it’s okay every once in a while to have a substance that doesn’t cause those effects, I promise. That said, I do believe there are iterations of Duff that are caffeinated or alcoholic and maybe I’ll look for the caffeinated one next time.

The drink itself is a simple orange-flavored carbonated water. The orange is sweet and a SLIGHTLY creamsicle-esque towards the end of its sip. It is light and easy to drink giving me the feeling that Moe’s Tavern wouldn’t have any problem selling out of these every day. And that the buyer for the majority would be Homer and Barney.

I’d give Duff a 7/10 which is fine for a one-off low-calorie drink. The Orange is a substantial enough flavor and you don’t have to worry about sweetener or carbonation being overwhelming. It’s not an item that I am having a “need” to repeat, but if one was available I’d be okay with having another.

Alright y’all, it’s closing time. You can read the last few lines on your way out.

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