We Tried Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink (Review)

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Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink Review

Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink

It is not uncommon to find an item promoted in an area that makes no sense. For example a Teller (Pen & Teller) Loudspeaker, a Gandhi assault rifle, or a “Get Out Of Gulag Free” Card for Call of Duty. I’m not sure that any of those exist. One that I can attest to is Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink, the positive energy is definitely a painting enhancer.

Bob is well known for gifting us several years of painting various landscapes with his silk voice and endless paint selection on public television. Bob was an inspiration to what a kinder, softer life could be that still showcased a focused talent and a willingness to bring it out in others. It is interesting that his estate would make the move to an energy drink but I feel that bringing the light of Bob Ross into any arena is a great call.

This is not an item that I was able to find easily, so shoutout to Five Below for having the oddities they do. Although this one was stored with candies, I’m sure it will be a sweet beverage that satisfies the sweet tooth and a sweet life.

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Nutrition Facts For Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink

If its calm and soothing does that make it a comfort food/drink? If so, how healthy can that be? Bob Ross, shine your kind light on us and give us something healthy!

1 12oz can is 1 serving and has 190 calories, 0g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 160mg sodium, 42g total carbohydrates, 0g dietary fiber, 39g total sugars, 39g added sugars, 0g protein, 1mcg calcium, 67mg potassium, 13mg niacin, 1.4mg vitamin B6, 3.6mg vitamin B12, 4mg pantothenic acid, and 100mg caffeine.

This very calm and disarming energy drink content is turning that industry on its head. Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink gives the inspiration to paint the absolute best day.

Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink

There Are No Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents

In trying to keep the mood set forth by Bob Ross, I have opened the Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink and have the Lo-Fi songs of all walks going. The fragrance is raspberry and should some rest on the can you can see the blue coloration. I am ready to tap into my large hair and softer speaking to give this drink a taste.

Wow! Immediate hits of berry without all of the sour overload common in the energy drink space. It is smooth and light and goes down without any carbonation or flavor burn for your throat. If you didn’t tell me this was a Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink I would have assumed it was a major market entry.

The drink itself doesn’t go above and beyond to set itself apart but still is not a bad drink. I’d give it a 7/10. Raspberries aren’t necessarily a favorite so I’m not in a hurry to have another but I am not disappointed either and should another flavor come along, It would be worth another shot or brush stroke.

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