We Tried Ashoc Energy Fruit Punch (Review)

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Ashoc Energy Fruit Punch Review

Ashoc Energy Fruit Punch

Whether you’re Sonic the Hedgehog or Ricky Bobby, the day is fully planned out and you think “I wanna go fast!”  Although you could take the road less traveled and get those things done reasonably, imagine finishing really fast. There’s so much extra time for activities!  Arguably a way to do this is to start cooking with gasoline and drinking an energy drink. For the love of everything on this planet and beyond, DO NOT COOK WITH GASOLINE.

You’ve seen a few energy drinks that tend to be sub-two-dollars called Ashoc and you’re wondering,” Is this my fix?” I’ve taken the time to look them over, up and down, and all sides of the can. After having their content wash through my body, I’m willing to tell you how they are.

Ashoc Energy Fruit Punch seemingly PROMISES us another trip to nostalgic taste but with high-impact energy. That was enough to make me pick up a can. I also told the can “If you break your promise I will find your family”. I think we’re in a good spot. 

I was able to find Ashoc Energy Fruit Punch in my local Walmart and they can be ordered directly through their website. I’m sure they’re one web search away from finding someone that carries them in your area.  That said, the price is truly my point of attraction for this brand. 

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Nutrition Facts

If we’re getting nostalgic does that mean “Surge” or “Vault” levels of sugar and carbonation and KICK? NO! Ashoc Energy prides itself on being an athlete-friendly energy drink with 0 sugar! For a 16 oz. can, you’ll get 10 calories, 0g total fat,210mg sodium, 1g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugar with 0g added sugar, 0g protein, 105mg potassium, 16mg niacin, 1.7mg vitamin B6, 2.4mcg vitamin B12, 21mg magnesium, and the requisite caffeine of 200mg. This is natural caffeine from green coffee bean, coffee fruit, guarana seed, and yerba mate.

This drink is NSF Sport Certified, so if you’re an athlete needing extra energy and want to make sure you stay clean, this drink clears protocols. Just remember that as an athlete, dominating your opponents physically can hurt them emotionally, so be a good sport.

Ashoc Energy Fruit Punch

Ashoc to Jump Start Your Battery

If Sonic the Hedgehog and Ricky Bobby just aren’t fast enough and you need Quicksilver or Flash levels of speed, Ashoc can help get you there. Ashoc Energy Fruit Punch had me feeling the energy after about 10 minutes of consuming my first sips and processing thoughts almost as fast, just not as cleanly. Thoughts crash when thoughts fast! 

The flavor of Ashoc Energy Fruit Punch is clean, crisp, and fruit punch much akin to Hawaiian Punch, and with low carbonation.  There is no burning from the flavor, carbonation, or sweetener.  The flavor stays healthy in its punch speed lane, never falling into sweetener territory.  If you didn’t know it was an energy drink, you’d barely notice the carbonation.

Ashoc Energy has been fairly good at delivering low-cal, zero-sugar energy drinks and Ashoc Energy Fruit Punch is a fair entry for them. The flavoring of the drink is average but the time it takes to feel the energy is above average.  I would give this one a 6.5/10. Although it isn’t a favorite, it is an easy-to-repeat drink that I will have in the future. 

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