We Tried Arby’s Diablo Chicken Sandwich (Review)

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Arbys Diablo Chicken Sandwich Review

Arby’s Diablo Chicken Sandwich

Arby’s is known for their slogan of “We Have The Meats” but objectively, do they have the heat as well? On occasion, the “Diablo” has been known to knock on my door. This includes video games, coming to terms with certain life events, and food.

Today that entity knocked for the latter whilst holding Arby’s hand. Typically, I’m not a third-wheel guy, but today I will be. You see, when someone doesn’t believe I can take the heat, I throw cold water on the sauna rocks and menacingly reply “bet”.

Arby’s offers this Diablo setup with a chicken sandwich, roast beef, and even fries (crinkle cut). I decided to try the chicken first because that’s a protein I appreciate with more heat. I’ve been known to seek out heat even when my stomach doesn’t sign off on it, so this will be no different.

Can Arby’s escape the pitfall of fast food by pushing out dishes with jalapenos and calling them hot? Will they find themselves shackled to this realm of complacency-based fast food cash grabs?

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Nutrition Facts for Arby’s Diablo Chicken Sandwich

Spoiler Alert: This is FAST FOOD and is in no way, shape, or form advertised or intended to be a healthy food. I didn’t do this to get ripped and crank out 1,000 push-ups, I did this because my taste buds can handle 10,000 push-ups of heat and that’s healthy enough for me.

This sandwich has 520 calories, 180 calories from fat, 20g total fat, 6g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 65mg cholesterol, 1750mg sodium, 55g total carbohydrates, 6g dietary fiber, 12g total sugars, and 29g protein.

That sodium level is reminding me that I HAVE TO do some exercise after eating it because that’s enough to send my heart into arrest by thought alone. It appears that Diablo and Arby’s win this invitation by bringing me closer to hell with the caloric and dietary contents of the sandwich but I will have the last laugh when it comes to how the heat treats my tongue.

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Arbys Diablo Chicken Sandwich

This Is A Diabolic Chicken But How Loco Is This Pollo?

When I received the Arby’s Diablo Chicken Sandwich, Diablo had a cologne on that was royal. The regal tones of barbecue and sweet were surely trap doors for all of the heat that would be included in the sandwich.

I will note that the sandwich does have fire-roasted jalapenos. It is possible this is all a sham and the sandwich is a throwaway. The red buns on the sandwich are hypnotizing and now that my eyes are on the prize, I’m going to have my little dance with the devil.

The first bite is, fortunately, giving me as much hope as I’ve had for fast food hotness. The sauce hits so powerfully with sweet barbecue, a nice bite of fire, and what I assume to be a gentle relish. There are other factors in this sandwich like the cheese, the fire-roasted jalapenos, and a “fiery seasoning”. However, they really don’t stand out quite as much as Diablo does. After a few moments, I can still feel the heat on and around my mouth and that is the gold standard for food and heat.

Arby’s Diablo Chicken Sandwich appears to have it all: A unique look, a great taste, and the desired heat. I’m not left hurting from it. At the same time, I’m not left without being like “Ah yes, pickled jalapenos”. It is nice to see Arby’s moving its kitchen in directions to pick up and run with these flavors even if they are not the market standard. Far better, they didn’t make this a cash grab to pull in people like me to disappoint.

I’d give Arby’s Diablo Chicken Sandwich, or the sauce itself, a 10/10 when it comes to fast food approaching heat. It truly does have the appropriate starting taste, complexity, and afterburn that real heat comes with.

Will we see it on Hot Ones? I wouldn’t expect it but I don’t think Sean would be disappointed by it. Arby’s has the meats and the heats in the form of Diablo!

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