We Tried A Shoc Energy Swirl Pop (Review)

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A Shoc Energy Swirl Pop

A Shoc Energy Swirl Pop

If you’re here you appreciate getting energy on the run, because time is of the essence. A tall can, a low calorie count, and an explosive response is what we ask for in our energy drink research and A Shoc Energy Swirl Pop seems to think it can deliver. What is the swirl pop though?

With no clues on the can itself other than the color scheme, you might think, “Orange soda!” Partial-credit! According to their website, it is a blend of orange, cherry, and pineapple giving us another fruit cocktail that I suppose the drink is modeled after.

One can’t go wrong with orange and pineapple. Throwing a cherry in there has to be a way of giving us a tart finish to a citrus start. A Shoc Energy Swirl Pop also weighs in at just above $2.00 for a can so the pricing is almost agreeable. Naturally, I’d like to see these at $1.50 but I’m not the one making the prices, yet. Let’s cover A Shoc Energy nutrition facts and see how this taste plays out!

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Nutrition Facts For A Shoc Energy Swirl Pop

A single 16oz can will give us 10 calories, 0g total fat, 210mg sodium, 1g total carb, 0g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 0g protein, 102mg potassium, 16mg vitamin b3 niacin, 1.7mg vitamin b6, 2.44mcg vitamin b12,12mg magnesium, and 200mg caffeine.

I try to find energy drinks that are priced effectively but are also on the calorie-conscious side and USUALLY A Shoc hits these marks. If you’re an athlete, these are also NSF-certified. If it’s a great source of energy for an athlete, it has to be at least somewhat good for a keyboard warrior, such as myself. Let’s see if the flavor is anything to really gloat on though.

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A Shoc Swirl Pop Energy Drink

The hiss of opening an energy drink is a noise that sits well with me. The A Shoc Energy Swirl Pop has an aroma of pineapple and orange that seem to be equal parts present. After having a sip, it becomes apparent that the tastes aren’t equally represented here.

The taste of A Shoc Energy Swirl Pop lends itself more to artificial pineapple than anything. There is a subtle finish of orange, but cherry is not very present if it’s there at all. That said, it isn’t a terrible energy drink, but an artificial pineapple is either an acquired taste or just one to avoid altogether. It works for me but it isn’t a “knock it out of the park” taste.

I would give this energy drink a 6/10, it exceeds the mid-point because of its pricing and dietary representation but the flavor just falls so hard. It is not an energy drink that I’m remotely in a rush to re-visit. A Shoc Energy Swirl Pop promises some hint of nostalgia but perhaps it was from a time that I was either unconscious or not a part of because it doesn’t register on any of my scales.

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