We Tried A Shoc Energy Watermelon (Review)

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A Shoc Energy Watermlon Review

A Shoc Energy Watermelon

When the week asks us to end on a strong note, after asking us to play a strong note all week, there is no shame in getting our energy from a can. I even opted to get a higher dose of caffeine than typical to make sure I’m hitting all the right notes. If you’re considering moving to caffeine from the can because caffeine from the bean just isn’t cutting it, I’ll do the research and help you make a better-rounded decision.

A Shoc Energy Watermelon is promising us a favorable taste and a welcome 300mg of natural caffeine that is, in their words, “charged by nature”. This caffeine amount is substantial as most of the drinks I have had have been in the 200mg range. This can even takes on a paint scheme like a watermelon so we’re hitting a whole theme over here.

You’ve rolled out of bed, you’ve taken care of your hygiene notes, and now it’s time to supercharge your mind and body. Can A Shoc Energy Watermelon make us the freak of nature we need to be, to conquer this mad world? Let’s find out.

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Nutrition Facts: A Shoc Energy Watermelon

Part one of making a good purchase, other than saying “Ooo pretty can!” is reviewing the nutritional side of things so that you know you’re not overloading in certain areas. A Shoc Energy Watermelon promises a natural 300mg of caffeine in its 16oz casing, but what else will it give you?  

Here’s what: 10 calories, 0g total fat. 210mg sodium, 1g total carbohydrate, 0g total sugars including 0g added sugars, 0g protein, 105mg potassium, 16mg niacin, 1.7mg vitamin B6, 2.4mcg vitamin B12, and 21mg magnesium. The 300mg of natural caffeine comes from green coffee, coffee fruit, guarana seed, and yerba mate. A Shoc Energy Watermelon also contains ocean mineral electrolytes and 9 essential amino acids.

With all of that is captured, for the love of life and living, please do not consume if you are nursing or expecting, have a medical condition that becomes worse with caffeine, or if you hate the taste of watermelon. PLEASE and THANK YOU!

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A Shoc Energy Watermlon

When the Shoc Subsides

Our demands have been established, and it’s time to pop the tab and see where this concoction takes us.  I will say that I have been enjoying finding so many energy drinks with lower caloric impact (even if they are registering around 1/10th of the daily value for sodium).

What we find with A Shoc Energy Watermelon is a STRONG watermelon flavor, one that hits on the sour side of things. If you brushed your teeth like I told you to do earlier (see hygiene notes), then wait a few minutes before starting this.  

Beyond it being sour, it almost burns the throat. Perhaps it is the correct strength chemical for today. Jokes aside, the watermelon flavor doesn’t fade to a sweetener taste and stays nicely in its lane. I feel amply awake and haven’t finished the drink, giving me some hope the rest of my decisions will see similar results.

A Shoc Energy Watermelon hits the right notes and doesn’t stall, even if it sits a little heavy. I would happily give this drink a 9/10 and would revisit it in the future, especially in the summer season.  

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