We Tried A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry

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A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry Review

A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry

The alarm clock screams and it’s time to conclude sleep and stumble about until the brain is firing on both cells. Today, I don’t have the time for coffee, so I will need the fast fix of an energy drink. I open the refrigerator and there she is, A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry. This calming blue can will help me tame my chaos.

If your day doesn’t start as noir as mine, congratulations, but if it still needs energy. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. A Shoc Energy is a zero-sugar energy drink that prides itself on making its products for athletes. I’m not an athlete, but by utilizing the theory of trickle-down economics, my sedentary self will become at least slightly mobile.

Before this rocket ship is ready to navigate the thralls of my world’s space, is the fuel quality?  As I convince myself it’s too early for a blue raspberry iced drink, I have okayed the caffeinated contents within a can. Why am I like this? Production isn’t done with closed eyes, mon frere.

A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry has a name that rings out as appealing. That’s enough for me to try it out.  All things blue raspberry have a steep history of giving me blue tongue and tasting sensational, so why not this? I think to myself “all the energy, all the taste, this is going to be me at my most optimal. If I were ever an astronaut – this would be how.”

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Nutrition Facts: A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry

As I commit this drink to Space Brandon, I must acknowledge what is in the ingredients and energy blend before consuming. In a 16oz can, I’m getting a considerably low 10 calories, 0g total fat, 210mg sodium 1g total carbohydrate, and 0g total sugars. The drink also contains 0g protein, 101mg potassium, 16mg niacin, 1.7mg vitamin B6, 2.4mcg vitamin B12, and 21mg magnesium. The ever-necessary 200mg of natural caffeine comes from green coffee beans, coffee fruit, guarana seed, and yerba mate.  

A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry is also NSF Sport certified. If I decide to join the intergalactic athletes union, I won’t be found guilty of doping. This weighs heavily on my mind daily. With that said, we’re getting good amounts of natural caffeine, with a taste built to resonate with our nostalgia, in a blend that should take care of all our needs.

A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry

A Shoc to the System (Review)

It’s time to get this rocket started as all the pre-launch checklist has been completed. We’re going to fuel this rocket so that we can take care of the world that built it. One sip of the A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry hits the bed of the mighty taste organ and washes it with the familiar and sharp blue raspberry taste. That said, it also appears that it is blended with battery acid. Have you ever felt like what you are drinking is acid reflux before it decides to become that? The taste steps in at the beginning but is always forgotten because of how much of a caustic sensation it causes.  

I was able to complete the A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry based on the initial taste but I wouldn’t tell anyone to try this unless it gets reformulated. It is so aggressive that I could still feel its burn the day after.  I can’t even say that this gave me a good feeling of energy after I had it as I was able to nap after having consumed the entire 16oz.  

The taste appears to be the only thing done right with this one as everything else does not get us into orbit. No one hears me scream in space and it’s hard to scream when your throat is coated in canned fire.  A Shoc Energy Blue Raspberry will not be the drink for me in the celestial bodies, let alone in the moss-covered rock named “Earth”. 

With it having a decent taste, I won’t completely zero this drink out, but to be fair and true to it and myself, I’m giving it a 1/10. I have never had a drink go so harshly. Having had thirty-five years of imbibing liquid, that’s saying a lot.

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