Animals Summon Salt-N-Pepa In Doritos’ Super Bowl Commercial

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Dorito’s Flamin’ Hot ‘Push It’

During Super Bowl LVI, Doritos ran an ad spot for their Flamin’ Hot flavor. The commercial shows an explorer in the jungle who drops bags of Doritos. Wild animals then start eating the Doritos. When the spicy and cheesy goodness hits them, they each begin beatboxing Salt-N-Pepa’s hit song ‘Push It’.

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With the Super Bowl halftime show consisting of popular 1990s and 2000s hip hop artists, I think it was really smart for Doritos to include another classic hip hop track. I thought the ad spot was humorous, and I liked how each animal got to play their own part in the beatboxing.

I haven’t had a chance to try Flamin’ Hot Doritos flavors yet. However, I am a lifelong fan of Doritos and will be keeping an eye out for these flavors the next time I am out grocery shopping. I love trying new snack foods, especially spicy snack foods. Hopefully Flamin’ Hot Doritos delivers the heat.

Did You See Dorito’s Flamin’ Hot ‘Push It’ Ad?

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